Please don't read this, again about penis patch, sorry.

That was the subject line of a piece of spam I got. Hey, if I have to deal with spammers, at least I have honest, apologetic spammers. :smiley: Whoever wrote it even apologized two or three timse in the email body itself (because of the subject line, I felt a need to open it…don’t worry, I use a web mail browser so nothing bad got onto my PC.)

I also got another piece with the following as the messaeg body:

Well…the first two sentances kinda make sense, but what the Hell is up with that last one? Tissue caricature box? Well…I don’t usually say this, but…BAND NAME!

Dude, I don’t understand your OP.

Your penis needs patching? I’m very sorry to hear that.

As for the goofball bit about tissue caricature, that’s how the spam avoids being clobbered by Bayesian filters - they look for prevalence of words like “viagra” and “refinance” in proportion to other words.

More about Bayesian filters here.

So basically the more “normal” words that appear relative to “spam” words (like viagra, porn, penis, etc…) the less likely it will be marked as spam? So, in theory, a piece of spam could say:

“Come get your free porn penis viagra enlarger!”

And as long as it then was followed by a stream of 1000 normal words it might be marked as good email? Weird. I thought most filters just looked for one instance of a “spam” word and that was it. I know I’ve had plenty of good emails get marked as such jsut because of a casual reference to a “spam” word.