Please explain for me how to post photographs to this Message Board?

Just what the topic line says. If I want to post some photographs of, say, my pets, my skull collection, or my Halloween costume to the SDMB, how might I go about doing so? Please keep it short, sweet and simple as possible,because I’m sort of a simpleton myself.

Thanks in advance.

You find another site which hosts pictures and post the pictures there. Then you post a link to those pictures here.

We don’t allow photographs to be posted here, so as PastTense said, the best you can do is post them somewhere else and link to them here.

OK then…how (exposing my net-Neanderthal-knuckle-draggery here, I’m sure) do I find such a site? Which ones are both acceptable to the Dope and as easy as pie to use?

I use Photobucket. Some people use Imgur. Google “free photo sites.” is pretty easy to upload to and then link to.

I’ve used 'em for years. Very easy.

Thanks anyway, but I looked up free photo sites (including the ones you recommended), and can’t find any that aren’t more trouble and bother to deal with than it’s worth, so never mind. I guess I won’t be posting any damned photos after all.

Again, thanks for trying, everyone.

I wanted to see your skull collection.:frowning:

Did you? Did you really, Colibri? I can’t help feeling you may be being a little disingenuous.

Perhaps that’s just me, I don’t know.

They’re not all that much trouble, really.

If you were allowed to upload pics here, you’d have to navigate to the picture, click on it (select it), then choose an “upload” button. It’s EXACTLY the same on those photo-hosting sites. With one extra step: they give you a link to the picture on their site. And that link is what you post here.

It’s like any other new task that has several steps. Just work your way through them. Read the instructions slowly. There might even be some YouTube videos on how to do it.

Millions and millions of people do this and I’m 100% positive they aren’t all somehow magically smarter than you. You’ve got a mental block as big as a truck. Just ignore it.

I’ll sometimes project a mental image of my visualized thought, sharing it with tha assembled members here.

But I’m gifted in that area.

Otherwise I have imgur and photobucket accounts, and a Dropbox I’ve never learned to use.

Kayaker don’t project that image here. You’ll get us both arrested.

I want to see if he has some that I don’t have.

The very few times I wanted to post some picture, I asked a couple of my friends here on the Dope to host them for me and then just put the link. I only want to about 3 times a year or so so its no big deal and if its important to the thread it still gets done.

Do you have a skull collection of your pets?

Try TinyPic.

I use imgur and the Rehost image addon for Firefox.

When you see an image you like, just rightclick on it and choose Rehost. It will upload the image to imgur, anonymously, and then automatically put a link to the image in your clipboard. Paste that into your straight dope message and you’re good to go.

I have a skull collection. Well, actually, I just have one, but I take it with me literally everywhere. It’s pretty nice.

You seem not to understand the concept of a collection.:wink: