Please explain the appeal of Jersey Boys

I’ve never seen Jersey Boys, but I’ve heard almost every song in the musical on the Broadway XM station. Why is this musical so popular? Is there some great appeal to the Four Seasons that I just don’t understand? Is this just a 2007 version of Beatlemania?

I can’t explain it, but I LOVE the cast recording. I have about half of it on my walking mix CD. But then, I’ve been brainwashed to favor oldies since I was about 10, so YMMV.

I guess you have to go there and see for yourself!

Remember it’s a live performance, and they recreate the Four Season’s hits almost perfectly. This is more difficult than any other singing group because you have to cast someone as Frankie Valli and that someone can’t be over 5’ 6" and has to have a range of 4 octaves!

The story of the Four Seasons is quite well done too, so there’s more than just belting out the hits.

It’s a gay thing.

It’s a jukebox musical, filled with great old songs sung well.

Well that and the gay thing…lol. :smiley:

I’m gay?!?!?! Why did no one ever tell me this before?

It’s coming to LA this month, and the theater warned everyone that they’ll be completely sold out for the run. A friend saw it already (NY maybe?) and can barely restrain her excitement that it’s coming out here, and says that it’s not just the music but that the story is well done too.