musical movies

can someone tell me whats so gay about musicals. i think they are actually good and im as straight as u can get.

If you’re as straight as ***I *** can get, you’re not very straight at all.

(Hmmmm, should that be a song title?)

I don’t think it is so much that musicals are “Gay” as it is in American society real men don’t like art. Or, to state it in another way, musicals as art are perceived as appealing to Gay men more than Straight men. This is the same kind of thinking that gives us “Queer eye for the Straight guy” assuming that a straight man couldn’t possibly know anything about cooking, fashion, interior design, or art.

thanks, but i still dont think “real men” dont like art. i am a real blue collor man and i really like musicals. but then again, not many others do. infact yesturday i got in trouble for singing sit down ur rockin the boat from guys and dolls

Well, I’m stating general opinion – I agree with you. However, I think we’ve (American society) conditioned them to be ashamed of it and insecure about enjoying it.

I think people should be free to enjoy whatever as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone without fear of ridicule. So, go ahead, listen to your satanic Barry Manilow music, no one will think less of you.


Musicals were massively popular with everyone – men and women – until the mid-60s. Then movie musicals took a nosedive, which affected Broadway.

It didn’t help that that hack Sondheim became Broadway’s biggest composer (next to Webber, who was only marginally better). He and others stopped writing good songs and tried to turn the musical into opera (a rather odd ambition, since opera is so moribund it can only recycle its greatest hits). Sondheim’s lyrics (and, despite my dislike for him, he is still one of the best lyricists ever on Broadway) and ambition never meshed with his undistinguished tunes (no one plays Sondheim’s music – they may sing his songs, but take the lyrics away and no one is interested).

In any case, the musical stopped being a popular art form. In addition, something about it – assuming the stereotypes are correct (a rather risky assumption) – seems to still appeal to gay men. So people who buy into the stereotype start thinking only gay men like musicals. It’s a hasty generalization, like most stereotypes.