Please explain this 9-11 BBC article a "Truther" sent me.

I’m NOT a “Truther”, but I know someone who is, and he sent me this article:

I don’t even know how it helps lend credence to his conspiracy, but I still don’t know what the story behind this is either.

Thank you.

Hope this is in the right spot.

I’m not here to argue… I just could use some knowledge on the subject to combat my “truther” friends claims.

The BBC’s editors have an article from 2006 explaining what happened.

“confusion at the time surrounding the names and identities of some of the hijackers”


Wikipedia ( ) says that the BBC believes this was a case of mistaken identity and links to a later BBC article that lists him as one of the terrorists. That probably won’t convince your truther friend, but seems like a reasonable explanation.

I agree.

Also… ANYTHING about building7 falling would be appreciated. He’s a smart guy with a high IQ, but he wont let go of building 7.

We have had multiple threads, each containing multiple pages, about the attack. What in particular concerning Building #7 is he wondering about?

How it fell. I said debris and Fire… He doesn’t but that.

It’s kind of hard to debate by proxy, especially when the questions are so vague. What exactly does he believe happened?


Anyway, I understand there are a lot of threads on this… It would just be more work to look for the specifics he’s talking about. But if this thread is 1 too many, I’ll understand.


That is only one problem. The main problem is that we could give a list of 40 books about the incident, followed by a 40-page explanation of what the real experts say happened…but still have no idea if the unspoken questions your friend has were ever addressed. What specifically is he wondering about when it comes to building #7? What specific question does he want answered?

Give up, you can’t use logic to convince someone of something when they aren’t using logic.

As the other threads cover in detail, there’s no possible way Thermite could be used to bring down Building 7, and the reasons for it’s collapse are well covered by the official reports. But he won’t believe them and you’re back at square one.

Or maybe just explosives… But if you feel like you’ve argued this too much, I hear ya and I’m in the same boat… So close the thread of you want.

Yeah… I’m really just glad to have my first question explained.

Sorry, I missed this.

No questions in his mind.

" the building’s wouldn’t have fell down like that without explosives"

When there are no questions in someone’s mind, then it follows that no answer can make any difference to them.


What gets me is that this is a brilliant guy otherwise with a high IQ.

He’s very very smart.

No, he isn’t. Not about everything, anyway.

It’s so nice to hear someone else say that.