Please explain this close-up to me

I got it from the Weird Earl’s link. If you click the “BACK” link, you’ll see that the comment about the close-ups is this:


I understand that shaking the milk bottle might be a figure of speech for masturbation, but why is a close-up required? I expected to see the outline of an erection, or an exposed breast or something, along the lines of a Sears catalog screw-up.

But if the guy is just holding a milk bottle, which is clear enough in the non-close up picture, why are the close-ups of the two of them necessary, and what am I missing?

Could be wrong but I think the ‘want closeups’ is irrelevant to the preceding statement.

Subliminal advertising.

But subliminal advertising is a crock of crap you say? Please explain that to this gigantic Dagwood which appeared next to my keyboard shortly after I followed your link.


The guy writing the caption thinks the woman illustrated is a hottie asking for it.

Tiny waist, poity nips, pelvis thrust out. Obviously, she wants to be sexed up right there on the Sears and Roebuck kitchen table.

That’s funny, I’m eating a couple of sandwiches myself right now. :dubious: