Please help debug my TV problem

I just bought a very expensive Sony TV and it has a slight problem. When I use my digital cable box there is a faint pink vertical bar on both sides of the screen. It’s slightly more apparent on the right side and they are most visible when against a white background. The strange thing is that the bars don’t appear when I play a DVD. My old set did not have this problem with the same cable box. I called Sony and they couldn’t explain it; they only recommended I try degaussing the unit, which I did to no effect, and there are no magnets near the TV. I’ve also checked that all cables were firmly connected.

This thing weighs a ton, and I would really prefer if I didn’t have to schlep it back to the store. Is there any chance this is some minor thing I’ve overlooked, or even a side effect of a new tube that will go away? Thanks for your help.

I assume you have no (speaker) wires running down the side or back of it that you could try moving. Did you get a warranty on it? If you did, often times they will make a service call to come and fix (or replace) the problem.

Exchange it for a different set and hope it works. WEGAs are notorious for this problem (yeah Sony knows that) .

nope, no wires nearby. Is this something a repair guy can fix? If not, will they actually handle the hassle of replacement?

By the way, you shouldn’t have to take the thing back yourself. Most stores will come and get it and either repair it there or schlep it themselves back to their shop. I’m assuming it’s under warranty, of course.

You might look on some TV associated websites to see if there are some secret menus that you can access that let you set things like horizontal/vertical size, rotation, etc., kinda like a computer monitor. There is usually some secret remote keypress that lets you access these. A word of caution though, you can really screw up your TV if you do something you shouldn’t.

Yeah, a search of the net shows this:
Description. The Uneven Brightness Problem has infected Sony Wega TVs from the start. It’s characterized by a “rain” streak or jagged lightning bolt on the lower left side of the screen when the picture is near black. When the picture is nearly white the first vertical 1/3 of the screen is darker and slightly pink…

looks like you need another set.

thanks for the link handy, and the advice everyone else. Looks like its unavoidable, this puppy is getting replaced. nothing is ever as easy as it should be, oh well.

My 36" WEGA has the brightness problem too. I had a repair man out to fix it and it went away for a few days and is now back. IT is REALLY noticable if you are watching a movie in a dark room and the screen goes black. You can see a big difference in the brightness across the screen. The right side is much darker than the rest.

Hmm… Didn’t know it was a common problem though. I should call the store and tell them to come fix it.