What's wrong with my TV? Weird problem with screen image

Last night I turned on my TV and saw this. The image is like a reverse color image, where everything that is supposed to be dark is light, and all colors are reverse. This is a large flat-screen TV.

I had the problem a couple of times before where it would happen briefly, but then would go back to normal. This time, it is not going away. I miss my TV.

Any ideas what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

If it has happened before and gone away, my best guess would be a software problem. Have you looked at upgrading the TV’s firmware? Or just reinstalling the current one?
Do all of the inputs and antennae do the same effect?

I would have no idea how to install the firmware, although my boyfriend would probably know how.

It also has the problem when I am viewing a movie on the DVD player.

If you told me the name and model of your TV in the OP, I could tell you how to upgrade the firmware, with the help of Google. I suspect your boyfriend will be doing the same thing.

You may want to check the cable connections first. A common problem with component cables is funky coloring because one of the three cables came loose.

Yes of course, sorry. It’s a Sony Bravia XBR LCD Digital Color TV, model KDL-52XBR4

I also checked the cable and everything seems to be connected OK.