TV or Cable problem?

I have a Sony 60" DLP HD project screen TV (KDSR60XBR2) hooked up to Brighthouse Cable thru a Motorola DVR/Cable Box and also have a Sony PS3 hooked up thru HDMI. Many times when I am watching a show and there is a lot of white on the screen the the TV just gives up and goes black for a couple of seconds. Sometimes when it is border line too much white the picture just gets screwy but does not black out. This never happens when I play DVD’s, so I suspect the problem is the cable signal.

What could be causing this problem? Compression of the signal from Brighthouse? Some setting in the cable box? I’ve tried modifying the brightness and other settings in the TV but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Your TV is LCOS, not DLP. I notice that it has some sort of “advanced iris” to improve contrast ratio. Perhaps this mechanism is faulty and closing down suddenly during a very bright scene instead of opening fully. It also could some sort of signal overload, but that shouldn’t happen. This may only be happening on a particular input or input resolution. Try changing your cable box to output 720p instead of 1080i or try changing your input from HDMI to component and see if anything changes.

If your TV is under warranty, get it serviced, as this is definitely a TV problem IMO.