Please help fight the racists!

(Reread the guidelines to be sure, so I hope I’m ok posting this. If not, really sorry!!)

I grew up in The Netherlands and have always loved it as a country. The Dutch are progressive, liberal free-thinking people that I am proud to be a part of. Until now.

I have to start by saying I am so ashamed that I am having to muster all my courage to post this.

In the Dutch coalition government there is currently a party called the PVV, who follow a strong anti-immigration policy. They are essentially racists. So far, so aweful, but it gets worse.

They have just started a website where they ask the Dutch people to “report” the undesirable behaviour of Eastern Europeans in the Netherlands. After all the disgusting, shocking racism this party has displayed, this tops it all.

I would like you for a second to imagine that in stead of “Eastern Europeans”, it said “Jews”. Or “homosexuals”. Imagine a website by a governing political party where people can “report” the undesirable behaviour of Jews.

I think you can now understand my shame.

I went on the website and “reported” exactly what I thought of them. I have asked all my friends to do the same, and many just have. [LINK AND CALL FOR ACTION DELETED – SEE MY NOTE AT POST #9]

I didn’t put this in elections, because I don’t really see it as a political debate… if it should be there please change it mods :slight_smile:

What type of behaviour is deemed undesirable? Is this code for wearing a hijab or something?

If Eastern European, I would imagine it would just be anything bad done by someone of ‘swarthy’ appearance.

One can only imagine how the results of the reporting will be used.

gracer gerhaps you should set up a similar site for people to report bad behaviour by Dutch natives too, then present those findings?

I was thinking of setting up mirror sites (that look exactly the same, same logo & everything) that ask people to report Jews & homosexuals. I think it would wake people up, as since the huge shock of WWII the Dutch are very strongly opposed to all forms of anti-semitism. They just don’t seem to be able to connect that to the current islamophobia and xenophobia.

It’s probably too much to ask… But it would be nice to see the PVV crash and burn that way. Can you imagine:

“We didn’t start the website about the Jews!”

  • “Uhm, but you started the one about Eastern Europeans?”

“Yes, but…but…that’s different”

  • “…?”

But I think perhaps too many people would not see it as exposing, but as actually anti-semitic. :frowning:

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Of course it would. But for white-bread Dutch it wouldn’t be as you’re the majority population.

Anyway, every conversation I’ve ever had with a racist, the situation was always “ah, but that’s different”.

There’s no logic in racism (see the feeble attempts at justifying the cartoonish and patronising stereotyping of Chinese people in the “We take your jobs” thread in the pit).

Suspect this thread will be closed soon, but I posted a message in their survey telling them they should be ashamed of their selves. :slight_smile:

Ohooh! :eek: My reading must’ve been impaired by my upset state! Ah well, let’s see what the mods say…

Guess I’m just mainly hoping to share my pain & outrage at the terrible state the Netherlands is in :frowning:

Thank you jjimm!

gracer – yeah, sorry, it’s against the registration agreement, as correctly quoted by Dewey Finn.

I’m going to get rid of the link but leave the thread open for discussion.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Don’t be so hard on your country by the way. You have a few dickheads, but then every country does. For the most part it’s still awesome, and one of my favourites in the world. Now if only you could float it somewhere with better weather…

First of all the party is not part of the government, but they ‘condone’ the government (ie provide votes, but not actual government officials). While this is again one of their ridiculous ideas, it fits in their electoral startegy. For the last years they have been proposing one ridiculous anti-immigrant proposal after the other…and it has only increased their popularity; so they keep using the same strategy. I personally don’t think Wilders is really a racist, I think he just uses the strategy to get as powerfull as possible. A large part of their voters (and other party members) might very well have racist views and ideas. I also think that many people have problems with certain issues that are linked with immigration and don’t really care about the actual proposals of the party. I’m quite sceptical of political literacy and interest in the Netherlands (probably everywhere).

As long as it works, the PVV will keep kicking the EU and Islam (this whole Polish thing is just to show their anti-EU stance, for those who didn’t get that). And ‘fighting’ these racists has no use whatsoever… as could be seen by that whole trial embaressment. If anything, getting offended and trying to ‘fight’ this party will strengthen their believes … and increase the feeling that the PVV is the only option for them. Best thing to do is to smile and make a joke about Wilders’ hairdo; his popularity will decrease at some point.

This is technically true, but they are still needed to form a majority coalition. Internationally, it’s a pretty hard situation to describe and I would say that to all intents and purposes, when they speak, they speak as a part of the government. It’s not like they are in the opposition.

(Thanks for leaving it open Twickster, & sorry!)

You have a point, but they have been acting far more ‘independent’ than I had expected when this arrangement came about (even more so compared to the tight knit coalitions we usually have). All the bailout and other EU stuff has been passed, because oposition parties stepped up and did was what needed (ie help the actual VVD-CDA coalition to that majority in parliament). The PVV really has been enjoying a lot more freedom to keep spouting their partisan rhetoric than most coalition parties have had in the past, or the VVD and CDA have now. In my opinion mainly because their partners (VVD especially) have adopted the view to just let Wilders cry out his nonsense, as long as he provides the votes when they are really needed. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the PVV went ‘rogue’ on an issue where the opposition wouldn’t pe prepared to cover.