Please help ID this Car

Picture at,file=33906,filename=DRGWchamastatoninsnow950.jpg (Stupid borrowed laptop won’t let me post links in the normal manner for some reason)
Notice the branding on the rear panel, just ahead of the taillight. I know I’ve seen that stylized “S” somewhere, but can’t put my finger on it. The picture was taken December 1961; I’d put the model year as late 1950’s.

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Mysterious car photo

Ya’ll need to learn how to drag 'n drop. I think it’s a Ford Fairlane.

I disagree, but I don’t have a better answer yet.

Thanks, Pork Rind for fixing the pic. And I agree, it’s not a Fairlane, they had a more steeply-pitched windshield and pointier tail fins. Someone on the other board said “Chrysler product”, but can’t find a match there either. I’m still fixated on the logo on the rear fender; I enlarged the pic as much as I could, it’s definitely an “S” followed by seven or so letters. Buick Special came to mind, but that’s not it either.

1960 studebaker hawk

The key here is the rounded tail fins. I know I know what car this is. I’m googling like an MF’er, but it’s not a model that is popular with the restoration crew, so it’s slow going.

Nope. the '60 Hawk has pointy tail fins.

you and I have been doing the same thing. I’ve given up.

It looks very similar to a 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner -

The model name is on the rear fender and starts with an ‘S’. I am with the person on the other board which believes it is a Chrysler product. Doesn’t help much though.


I thought so too, but I’ve looked through all of the Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Imperial, and DeSoto models I could.

it’s also possible this might have been a Canada-specific model.

Looks a MOPAR product. Early/mid sixties Dodge, perhaps. Hard to tell.

The first name to pop into my head is Desoto. Now I’ll try googling it.

1960 Dodge Pioneer coupe. Details coming in a second.

Points of similarity:

  1. Kink in A-pillar
  2. Chrome cap on rounded tail fin
  3. Round tail light with prominent badge on curve
  4. Same odd seam on rear window surround

Example 1

1960 dodge seneca

Interesting. The Dodge Seneca and Pioneer appear to be two different names for the same car.

edit: found this