What's the most interesting car you saw today?

I often keep a running track of the most interesting car I see on my commute each day. It can be a rare sports car, a brand new model, an old classic, or even a bizarre paint job. Heck, somedays it’s an amazing bumper sticker.

So, what’s peaked your interest today?

I spotted a lime green Lotus Elise on the drive home. Until then it was the Tesla Model S but I see one of those everyday now.

A black El Camino. But it hasn’t been an interesting day.

This afternoon, I saw here in my neighborhood a marked Fire Dept car from a suburb with a young kid maybe 6 in the front seat. The kid didn’t have a seatbelt on and I wondered what it was about.

Cheating but yesterday, I saw a funny rear window decal captioned something like ‘No one cares about your stick family’ and a bomber/spaceship dropping bombs on fleeing stick figures.

And more cheating since this last happened about two weeks ago, I see Illinois plate O (oh) a couple times a year on my commute. Basically, this without the IRNY. We apparently take the same exit in the morning.

Lunching outside in Buckhead in the spring is a car lover’s dream.

Today: 1 Veyron, maybe 4 Bentleys, 1 Phantom, an R8 and the Quattroporte I had towed from my parking spot. Again.

Akon has an office in our building, and his flunkies are always in a hurry and scam my space if I’m not around.

Ferraris and Lambos are almost common near Disco Kroger*

*Atlantans of a Certain Age know…


Most interesting car today was a Tesla Model S.

I can’t tell you but I know its mine.

There’s an exotic/supercar dealership a few blocks away, so I see exotics of virtually every kind every day. However, I’m currently obsessed with the new Jaguare F-type, coupe. It’s a thrill to see and hear every time, including yesterday.

On the morning commute I saw an Audi A7, probably the same one I saw on the commute home yesterday. Striking looking car.

An Audi R8.

I drive by an exotic repair shop about a mile from home so there’s always something there to make me appreciate the red light and 20 mph school zone… Mercedes SLS AMG, the owner’s Lambo Gallardo, Astons, lots of older and turbo Porsches, Maseratti, Ferrari, etc.

Not today, but twice this week I’ve seen an Austin 7.

BMW Z8 Alpina.

The one I’m waxing and detailing for a parade on Monday. I didn’t see anything on my brief grocery run today that was even close.

Sweet! That’s my kind of ride!

A Tango. It looked like a marmalade coffin.

A totally beat-to-shit, bondo’d up the wazo, 1968 VW Van/bus. Yeah, it looked worse than this. Guess it had promise.

Our van out-sped a Lambo-Gallardo on our main highway here in manila. The guy was obviously just trying it out on the main highway but keeps it inside their exclusive subdivision to avoid wear and tear.

A shiny Rolls Royce docked in the Park ‘n’ Ride near Winchester (M3, Jnc 11) next to a clapped out Vauxhall thing and some kind of Audi.

Saw one of those yesterday afternoon. A client of mine just took delivery of one and was polishing it in his driveway for about 800 hours. Very pretty and expensive-looking car!