Please help identify this movie!

Watched a movie maybe a decade ago, and really loved it, but I recall so little from that movie that I am essentially lost trying to find what it was. Here is what I recall, any help is highly appreciated!

  • The story revolves around a futuristic society
  • The protagonist spends much of his time inside a huge building, vast rooms, massive doors
  • Some kind of corporate / military intrigue.

Sorry this is not much, but if you know something, please suggest! TIA

Was the movie made a decade ago,or did you just happen to see it then? Brings to mind THX 1138.

I honestly do not know when it was made - I watched it almost a decade ago - I am uncertain even here, though. I’d say it was a 90s or early 2000s movie, judging by the feel of it, but I could be mistaken here, too!

Go watch THX 1138. Even if it’s not the one you’re thinking of it’s a very good movie.

THX 1138 was my first thought too, but most people remember that everything was white and that everyone was hairless, and since the OP didn’t mention that, I figured maybe the answer would be a more recent film.

Is it possible to find the un-Lucased version of this anymore? It’s still good, just that the original version was so much better, and I’d love to have a copy…

Equilibrium meets a lot of your criteria, but my first guess would be THX 1138.

The original theatrical cut has never been released for home video. The 1977 version, with the stuff that Warner Bros. cut, was released for laserdisc and VHS back in the late '80s, but thus far has not been released on DVD and/or Blu-Ray.

The “Director’s Cut” only adds a couple of minutes to the film and personally, I didn’t think it altered the film enough to gripe as much as I had anticipated. It certainly wasn’t the debacle that the original Star Wars films had to endure.

Where did you watch this movie? In a theater? Had it just opened, or was the theater showing older movies? Incidentally, what country do you live in? It would tell us something about what you could have seen. If it wasn’t in a theater, was it showing on a broadcast network on television? Was it a local channel that showed it? Was it on a cable channel? Or did you rent the movie? Was it on DVD or on videotape? How old were you at the time you saw it? Was it in color? Approximately how long was it? Do you remember any actors from it? Do you remember how the actors were dressed? Were they speaking in American accents?

Gattaca, maybe?

Here’s the trailer from THX 1138:

Here’s the trailer from Gattaca:

Here’s the trailer from Equilibrium:

It might be Brazil, or 1984.

The Hudsucker Proxy?
Been a long time since I’ve seen it, but I remember it being ‘big’. Lots of big board rooms and big buildings and big personalities.

Nope - on TV, in the early days of the satellite television explosion in India in the late 90s / early 2000s.

India when I saw this movie.

Yep. Had a smooth polished look, indicative of a decently budgeted 90s movie.

Formally dressed for the most part, if that helps!

Cannot say for sure, at the time American and British all sounded the same to me!

I only really remember this - a vast building, clean wide rooms, tall doors… could have been a mega-corporation of the future, or a scientific research facility. Don’t remember aliens or overt military action though. I can rule out the following movies I have watched: Equilibrium, Total Recall. I will check out THX and 1984, but Hudsucker Proxy and Brazil seem unlikely.

Do you remember anything about a plot? Any little bit can crack a case like this.

Brazil was the first thing I thought of.

For some reason I keep thinking of Aeon Flux, but that doesn’t really fit in with most of the parameters.

Seen that too, that aint it!

Ultraviolet? No, you said male protagonist… any actors you recognized / remember?

It’s not Ultraviolet. Unfortunately, I do not remember the actors.