Please help identify this short film that was all over the internet for a while

Some time ago - at least a year or two - I watched a video which was quite popular on the internet. It was a short film, filmed by independent filmmakers, though the camera work was very professional and good. There was no dialog in it. Basically there was this guy who is sitting on a bench at a train station, and this giant creature walks up to him. The creature is like a humanoid form, but made out of big blocks of stone or wood (can’t remember which.) The creature follows the guy everywhere he goes. To home, to work, all over the place. The man never says anything to the creature, but is obviously annoyed by him. Eventually the guy can’t take it anymore, and goes to the train station again (the creature following him) and walks onto the train tracks when a train is coming by, killing himself. The creature then walks up to another person sitting on a bench, and the film ends. (Presumably that person will also be followed by this thing.)

For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called, and a search on Google using many different combinations of keywords yields nothing. (Aside - why the fuck is “combinations” not accepted by Firefox’s spellchecker?) Can someone link me to this video, who remembers it? I think I saw it on Youtube though it may have been on some other video site. Again this was I think about 2 years ago.

You’re thinking of Terminus

Finally one I know!

Damny you Tarwater. You will suffer my wrath.

Damn that was great! Thx!


What is the wrath of Arnold Winkelried? Throwing yourself on his pikes? Fondue?

Very creepy. If they work in a Geneva drive the creepiness would be complete.

No, a huge chocolate man made of Toblerone bars is going to be following Tarwater everywhere.

Wow. Well-done, but very creepy.