The most demented movies of all time.

In another thread, someone linked to this website which posts detailed reviews of bad movies. I was searching through the list of reviews, looking for movies that I’ve seen, when I found their review of Flowers In The Attic. Whoo boy. I’d forgotten just how seriously fucked up this movie was. First of all, it’s the only movie I’ve ever seen where incest is shown in a positive light. Here’s our happy, loving family. Dad is also mom’s uncle, and it’s hinted that he might be a pedophile too, but never mind any of that; it’s their eeeevil Bible-thumping grandmother who’s the dangerous one. Worse, the kids themselves become incestuous by the end of the movie. The older boy and girl, who are in their late teens, give each other baths and sleep in the same bed, for Christ’s sake! Jerry Springer can only dream of finding a family that’s this screwed up. On top of that, the whole idea of locking the children up in the attic so that Grandfather won’t find them is just stupid and unnecessary. Doesn’t that huge estate have a guest cottage or servants’ quarters or something?

All in all, this movies makes me shake my head and wonder what the hell happened to V.C. Andrews to enable her to write such a story.

What other movies are like that? What movies are so creepy, disgusting, offensive, or just plain wrong that you wonder about the mental health of the people who created it?

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Like anyone could ever know that!

John Waters’ early works
David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD

Un Chien Andalou is definitely up there, even after all these years (it’s a silent film). Other of Bunuel’s films are also bizarre.

Regarding the OP, I think there’s a difference between Waters and Lynch. Waters’ movies are consciously and deliberately demented. Lynch, on the other hand, is just on a completely different mental wavelength than anybody else. In fact, one could sub-categorize demented movies according to whether the weirdness is intentional or not.

In the latter category – Ed Woods’s Glen or Glenda.

Meet the Feebles

Basically, it’s an R-rated Muppet Show. (And it’s only R because it’s puppets. If human beings did the same things, it would be a definite X.) The Feebles Variety Hour is preparing for their first live broadcast. The host (a rabbit) has a fatal STD. The star (a hippo) is stressing over the show, and her husband’s fidelity, and eats an entire bakery. The manager (a walrus, and the hippo’s husband) is smuggling drugs and when we first see him, he’s being orally serviced by the star’s understudy (a cat). The knife-thrower (a crocodile) has shaky hands because he’s strung out on coke, and we see flashbacks of how he was tortured as a POW in 'Nam. Into all this comes Robert, a plucky young hedgehog determined to make it in the big city.

And who do we have to thank for this? Peter Jackson.

Pink Flamingos (there goes that John Waters again!)
The Doom Generation (disturbing, pointless piece of crap by Gregg Araki.)
Happiness (horribly depressing and twisted Todd Solondz movie.)
Ichi the Killer (sadistic, gory, depraved, and I got the feeling it was supposed to be humorous… from Japanese shockmeister Takashi Miike, who will no doubt show up in this thread multiple times.)

Battle Royale, the movie where 9th graders are forced to kill eachother by the government.

Wild at Heart (David Lynch, 1990)
With Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern. The scene near the beginning where someone gets killed by having their head bashed against the stone floor is about as demented as it gets. And the picture goes downhill from there. I’ve never been able to seriously consider Lynch as the talented director his reputation suggests, due to this and a few other disturbing movies in his filmography. Makes **Pink Flamingos ** look like child’s play.

Ok, I’ll bite. Audition. Is it real? Is it flashback? Is it a dream? Regardless of what it is, it’s seriously disturbing.

“kiri, kiri, kiri, kiri, kiri”

I’ll have to mention the Guinea Pig series. For anyone unfamiliar with them, they’re sort of fake snuff films. Creepy idea. I haven’t seen them, but the idea seems really demented to me.

Decapitation, Nazis, she-males, orgies, men-on-men, girls-on-girls, sex, drugs, rock n’ roll…

You name it, its in there.

A small group of upper class in Fascist Italy live out the writings of the Marquis du Sade with kidnapped teenagers. It’s by any measure a horrific film.

And written by Roger Ebert, too!

Lair of the White Worm - not only bad, but just - wrong.
*Boxing Helena *- psychotic and ew.

Cannibal the Musical without a doubt.


Battle Royale was a sick movie… Especially the part with the group of girls in the lighthouse, that was wacked-out shit… Don’t expect much from Battle Royale 2 though, that was shit.

It’s not a movie but still, if you’ve got a Playstation2 get out a game called Manhunt. Only just made it past US Censors and has been banned in Australia and New Zealand.

Imagine Big Brother, except everyone on the set is after one man, the cameras are always on and the only way for the guinea pig to escape is to kill everyone after him, in a style which pleases the “Director” named Starkweather (A disturbing reference to what many historians refer to as the ‘original’ serial killer within US modern history - Starkweather was a 15, 16 maybe - the exact age escapes me - year old male who went across the US on a killing spree with his girlfriend, who if I then remember right murdered her in a quite perverted fashion)… Either way, you get my point.

If you’re not into over-the-top gore or extreme views of blood and rather prefer ‘realistic’ or believeable violence/ acts of degradation, I would recommend another film called “Once Were Warriors”. Tells the story of a Maori (Native New Zealanders) family living in poor socio-economic conditions in the bad part/s of Auckland and how the various vices of Society and the influences of Maori culture affect their family structure.

I know it sounds boring and similar to many chick flicks you have watched at first, but unlike them this one doesn’t end in smiles and your arm around your woman. If anything she’ll run screaming from you for fear of her life. Things like vicious bar fights, domestic violence, drug abuse, statutory rape, gang violence and youth suicide all play a significant part. Funny thing is, this movie was originally meant to be a documentary, but it also sad and disturbing as it shows that none of the things within this movie are dramatized or used for effect. For some people not just in NZ but all around the world, it is for them, part of everyday life.

“Mondo Cane” must surely be on this list. A compilation film of, ahem, unusual practices that spans the globe. The film was never talked about in polite company, BUT the theme song was a major hit. “Motel Hell” had a most demented plot, there’s not too many things we hold nearer and dearer than the love of food, no matter how it’s prepared. Third would be a toss-up between “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “But I’m a Cheerleader.”

Almost anything directed by Russ Meyer ought to be high up on the list. Faster Pussycat is an obvious addition, but I’ve got soft spots for Common Law Cabin, Motor Psycho, and Mondo Topless. Really, the Meyer oeuvre in its entirety ought to be required viewing for any student of the bizarre and tasteless.

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (actually, just about anything by Peter Greenaway)

The Reflecting Skin (“Eban’s an angel!”)

The Holy Mountain (Jodorowsky is generally weird, but this one…)