The Most Bizzare Movies Of All Time?

It’s halloween time, and I’m providing movies for a halloween party. So.

Give me some of the most bizarre movies of all time. Lists are nice. It’d also be nice if you could accompany your choices with a little blurb explaining why the movies are strange.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Do you really need an explanation?

Hellraiser - So bad, SO not scary, it’s hysterical.

Donnie Darko(a contribution from my little sister) - “They were obviously all on pills when it was made”


For Halloween?

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things
Evild Dead, and Evil Dead II
Dead Alive
Night of the Living Dead
The Wolf Man
Dracula (Lugosi)
This Old House
Anything by James Whale or Todd Browning
Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera
–These are DEFINITELY not the most bizarre movies ever, but there the Halloweeniest.

I never said scary, or Halloweeniest. I just said bizarre. My friends aren’t easily scared, but we like movies that get under our skin, and make us go “What the fuck?”

Eraserhead. Hey, it’s David Lynch, fer cryin’ out loud.

Elaborating - The Ring made most of my friends go “meh,” in terms of fear level, but Donnie Darko, late at night, made us very scared.

Just about any film by Stanley Kubrick can be classified as Bizarre, so you can take your pick from Full Metal Jacket, Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide shut and whatever else I’ve forgotten.

But THE first movie that came to mind of a completely bizarre movie was Jacob’s Ladder. That movie is just STRANGE STRANGE STRANGE!

For a more halloweenie bit, nothing says bizarre like Twilight Zone: The Movie.


Oh hell, this is my topic

Naked Lunch
Xistenz (or however the hell you spell it)
They Live
Lost Highways
Blue Velvet
Being John Malkovich
I 2nd Donnie Darko
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Man, there are just so many. This is my favorite type of movie. I call them WTF movies. Clever, I know. Anyway, now that I am trying, I can’t come up with anything. I will get back to you.

OK then.

At the top of my list, by a long shot:
Anything–anything at all–by Jan Svankmajer.

Anything–anything at all–by Dario Argento.

El Topo
Greaser’s Palace
Funny Games
Lord Love a Duck
Lost Highway

(And BTW, my Halloween list was not about scary, it was mostly about camp Halloweeny.)

Eating Raoul.


Any film involving Masked Mexican Wrestlers.

12 Monkeys (bizzare in a good way)

Mulholland Drive
Sex and Lucia
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Requiem of a Dream

In The Mouth of Madness. It’s about how a horror book affects the readers, making them violent and insane.

Event Horizon. A spaceship disappears in a black hole then returns. Something happened to the crew. A rescue team went to recover the ship and discover what happened to the crew. Evil is alive and well on the ship.

Pink Flamingos and/or Female Trouble. Great showcase for early John Waters stock company: Divine, Edie Massey, Mink Stole, David Lochary, Cookie Mueller.

Chained for Life. You liked the Hilton Sisters in Freaks? Catch them in this weird and very depressing autobiographical horro story.

The Terror of Tiny Town. If you only see one all-midget musical western this year, make it this one!

Memento. Definitely Memento.

Ditto on the choices for Videodrome and Jacob’s Ladder.

Here’s one I think takes the cake:
A movie I never saw - Zachariah - from 1971 starred Country Joe and the Fish as rock and roll stars - electric guitars and amps and it was set in the Old West. Strange huh? It also stars Don Johnson which makes me think twice before renting it.

They Live is pretty straightforward, as is The Wall. Never saw Donnie Darko. You are absolutely correct on the remaining ones.

But you forgot Pi, which, if you have not seen, you must.