Please help me complete this Myst-like game!

The game is linked at this (not particularly safe-for-work) site – it’s called “The Bar.” I’ll preface this plea by saying I’ve looked for help at the designer’s website, but I couldn’t install the necessary language pack, so it was no help.

I’d guess the game takes about a half-hour to complete, but I can’t seem to pick up the final pieces. So if anyone out there has any affinity for point-and-click mysteries, I’m begging you to give me some hints.

For those of you who want to complete the game without help, beware – HERE THERE BE SPOILERS:

I’ve found the diary, the ice pick, the briefcase, the cracked glass, the coaster, the glass of lime juice, the lighter, the corkscrew, the bottle of rum, the cleaning cloth, the wine bottle, the cell phone, the blender, and the block of ice.

By opening the lighter, you find the ring. By opening the suitcase (the code is in your diary), you get the key card. By adding the lime juice and the rum to the blender (twice), you reminisce about your father. Then you can lift the Hemingway novel and pick up a key. Use the key on the cabinet to get a lockbox.

From there, I’m completely stuck. I assume you use the ice pick on the block of ice, and the key card on either the locked door or the lockbox, but… I can’t figure out how to make the game do either.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

Here’s a walkthrough.

The link at the end of the walkthrough goes to a larger version of the game, so that it’s easier to read the text.

I am thinking it is one of those you have to do a before you can do b. Like you can’t lift the book til after you make the drink. I can’t even find the card witht the help of the walkthrough. Sorry I can’t be more help than that.

Thank you very much!
The Teeming Millions come through yet again.


Wow, I can’t beat that game even with the walkthrough. There is no cocktail mixer where it should be.

When you are looking at the center of the bar, there are three shaker things that when you click on it gives you a glass with lime in it.

I couldn’t find the card you use with the phone. So I am in the same boat.

Oh right. My bad for not knowing what a cocktail mixer IS :smack:

The card is the suitcase. The combination for the suitcase can be found in the letter you start out with.