Please help me dress in "biker gear"

The director where I work is retiring. He is a Harley rider. In honor of his retirement we are going to a “biker” bar and we are meant to dress in “biker” gear.

I’m not really sure what that means, so I turn to the dope to get a clue.

Relevant documentary material

Black leather or very dark leather vest or jacket…if you have one. Just not a stylish one. Think heavy and clunky.

Big clunkin boots.

If you do not happen to have leather pants (who does) just denim jeans are fine.

Oh yeah, ever see any of the “Terminator” movies with Arnold S. ? Dress like he did.

“Biker gear” is -usually- (but not always) something heavy that can take a beating if one were to unexpectedly dismount the bike at high speeds.

Hep B.

If you’re female, it’s customary (at least, it’s a custom approved and vociferously encouraged by many male bikers) to lift the front of your top upon request.*

  • Note: the link is just a reasonably SFW helmet sticker expressing the standard form of that request.

Old jeans, boots, and a Harley t-shirt will do. You could wear a bandana on your head as well.

Ha! I read the title and immediately thought of this.

I think you should go as that kind of biker.

Too funny! Although I don’t have the gear for either look.

I have a leather trench, but that isn’t the same. A friend is going to loan me a leather jacket - and he dumped his bike while riding it so it has authentic scrapes on it.

I guess jeans and a black T shirt and maybe a bandanna.

For the record, I am male and my belly is so full of scars from so many operations, no one wants me to lift my shirt.

Black jeans, black T-Shirt, leather vest, bandanna and fake tat sleeves - and I won first prize for best look.

It was an orange hat box. It did have a Harley button on it, but I’m still *way *confused. Do hat boxes have significance in the biker community? (Why on earth would anyone think this is a prize?)

Thanks for the help.

If it is anything like the few biker bars I used to patronize when I was young and foolish, it means one or more of your group is going to get their ass kicked. Bikers do not like wannabes. Faux-bikers need to stay somewhere safe…like Applebees…in yuppie neighborhoods…hoping like hell they don’t meet any real bikers.
Hmmm…just noticed this was bumped as an update. Glad no one got beat up…but still doubt it was an actual biker bar.