Please help me find a new murse.

My boyfriend needs a new murse.

The one he has been using for years started out as a messenger bag (sort of) but it is pretty much falling apart now.
He needs something that can hold:

2 cellphones
2 MP3 players
tools (flashlight, screwdriver, knife, various other things)
random cables
sometimes - a shirt
spare contact case
spare toothbrush
travel toothpaste
spare saline bottle
As you can tell, he does not need a traditional briefcase. But, the messenger bag takes a beating with the way he uses it.

He is an engineer for a cable company. He is frequently on the road so this bag holds everything he might need during a very long day. Sometimes, he will have an unexpected overnight so he needs to have emergency toiletries.

So, what kind of bag should I get him?

Personally, I would prefer that his new bag have a bit of organization to it. I’m sick of him asking me to get something out of his bag and then have to spend 10 minutes shuffling through it trying to find 1 of the 20 electronic items in there.


Get him one of these. I’ve got a brown one and a black one. Can fit a laptop and clothes for a weekend.

How about a backpack?

I highly suggest one of these. My hubby has one and loves it. Very sturdy as well.

See, I thought a murse = male nurse.

Now I’m all confuzzled.

I was about to say the same thing. Something needs to be done about this.

Maybe one of these? Good price and a pretty good brand.

Murse? I thought he needed either a new muse or a new nurse. Is that what they’re calling “man sacks” now?

I like that one myself.

There’s also this.

Or if he’s a Halo fan, there are messenger bags

I have one of these and it works quite well (the medium is actually pretty big and only $39.95).