Please Help Me Find an Emily Dickinson Poem

It’s about a man looking back on his life and regretting not having taken any chances, including I think telling a woman he loves her. I think there was also a metaphor about sailing, but I don’t remember it too well.

I read it years ago and have been trying to find it. Google hasn’t given me anything good.

Are you sure it’s Dickinson? She didn’t usually write from the male point of view and rarely wrote about love.

Perhaps you’re thinking of Millay?

If it is Dickinson (which I doubt), you can search this database for it.

Well, there’s Wild Nights:

It’s not Wild Nights.

It might not have been from a male point of view, but I’m thinking it’s probably not Emily Dickinson because it was fairly memorable and someone would have thought of it by now. I’ll try googling some more and seeing what I can find.

Aha! I found it!
It’s George Gray by Edgar Lee Masters.
All this time I had thought it was Emily Dickinson who wrote the poems about dead people. I don’t know how I got them mixed up. Maybe I was studying them at the same time in high school or something.

Heh. “Poems about dead people,” also known as the Spoon River Anthology. The concept is a poem for each citizen buried in a small town graveyard. They talk a lot about each other.

“Poems about dead people” would have been a pretty good clue.

I would have guessed Whittier’s “Maud Muller” (“of all sad words of tongue or pen/ the saddest are these: ‘it might have been’)” or Tennyson’s [In Memoriam (too long but “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”.