SEARCHING for Emily Dickinson

I’m frantically searching for the text to a poem believed to be written by Emily Dickinson. It is entitled CHARTERED or CHARTER. It is for a dying friend.
Your time is appreicated.

I can’t find a poem of that title, and I can find only one poem by her that even contains the word “charter”

Posted too soon. I found two more.


A lot of her poems are untitled, right? So, maybe you saw a poem of hers that had been supplied a title–maybe charter wasn’t even in the poem?

Here’s one ED poem about dying (IJLQED):

The dying need but little, dear,–
A glass of water’s all,
A flower’s unobtrusive face
To punctuate the wall.

A fan, perhaps, a friend’s regret,
And certainly that one
No color in the rainbow
Perceives when you are gone.