Please help me find the title of this SF story

I read science fiction voraciously, but I am bad about remembering titles—

It concerned a Muslim man living in the Middle East in the relatively recent past. It was during a time of conflict between Moslems and Hindus.

The man was a mathematician and philosopher. Years ago, he had had a vision of a compelling female spirit who was connected in some way to pure mathematics. He basically spends his whole life trying to invoke this spirit again.

He has a dear old friend who is Hindu, whom he believes to have been killed in the conflicts, but later finds again.

It is a very beautiful story. It may have been in “The Year’s Best Science Fiction” (Gardner Dozois) in the last few years.

Anyone remember it?

I can’t search at the moment but here’s a link to a list of Dozois’ anthologies -you can click on each one to see a list of contents Summary Bibliography: Gardner Dozois

Andy L: Thank you, what a splendid resource!

Sadly, I couldn’t find it in there. But I did decide I really am going to have to buy those books!

I’m pretty sure the author was Middle or Near Eastern. Anybody?

nm, turns out not to apply in this case. I’ll still put my money on Andy L to find the answer.

Well, here’s some more plot …

I believe that he first saw the spirit in a library.

He makes mention at one point of an Arabic custom of divination using a random sentence spoken by a passerby.

At the end of the story, the spirit comes for him as he is dying. I believe that she is a particular, special kind of spirit.

Thaks for your confidence. I think it’s “Infinities” by Vandana Singh, described here

I believe Andy L is correct… I read it in The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Twenty-Seventh Edition by Gardner Dozois, a wonderful sci-fi anthology that I look forward to buying every year.

That’s it! Thank you!!

Forgetfullness fought. Woo hoo!

Glad to help.