Please help me identify a commercial I saw recently

Some woman was talking to her sinuses and the sinuses were complaining about being blamed for … I can’t remember.

Normally I don’t pay much attention to commercials but this one stuck in my mind because both my boyfriend and I are always suffering from “sinus” pain that sinus medications don’t seem to help. However, I forgot what the real culprit was and what medication was supposed to work. Now my boyfriend is suffering and the sinus pills aren’t working and I can’t remember what that commercial indicated might be the cause.
Anyone have any idea?

Omnaris perhaps?

Woman was complaining to Mucus (dude in a green shirt) and Mucus said “you always blame the mucus. Did you blow your nose?” She says yes and nothing came out. Then Mucus sells her on some stuff to alleviate sinus inflammation. I have no idea of the product name though.

Ah HA! Your answers are here! I hope.

It was for Advil Congestion.


Damn you, Jophiel!


You guys are great. Thanks! So apparently I misremembered the commercial. That really blows. Mucus is not a problem for either of us. However, we haven’t tried Advil Congestion. I guess it’s worth a try.

Advil Congestion did absolutely nothing for me when I took it. YMMV, and all that.