Please help me identify an Elvis song/movie

Roderick Femm’s thread about dream sequences brought up a memory of a song by Elvis Presley that I’d like to hear again. It’s from a movie, apparently not well known (at least I never heard it played anywhere) and since I saw the movie almost 35 years ago, I can’t give you any hints about the lyrics at all and only very few about the plot. So, here’s what’s stuck with me:

Elvis is driving a rather peculiar car, similar to the taxis used in the british series The Prisoner, but without the canvas roof. Here’s one; it looks almost like a golf cart. At some point, he even drives it down some stairs. He meets a girl who’s really after him, but he can’t stand her. For some reason or other, they have to share a bed and he pulls up a ping-pong board or net in its middle to discourage her from any hanky-panky.
The song occurs in his dream and he’s clad in a shiny, powder-blue satin pyjama with a darker scarf tucked town between the lapels. I remember him illogically not wearing bedroom slippers but normal, dark street shoes. There’s also a guy in an animal costume of an ugly, mustard colour frolicking around. The song is slow and smooth, gaining speed and drama at the chorus and I think there are some backing singers or at least dancers.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? I’m aware the details are sketchy and it’s surely one of these forgettable “vehicle” movies of his, but I really liked that song, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

The movie is Live a Little, Love a Little and the song is Edge of Reality.

Wow, that was fast and correct, thanks a bunch! And apparently that’s a turtleneck shirt under his pyjama…slightly less weird than wearing a scarf to bed, I guess. :dubious:

A very good song from a very forgettable movie (like the vast majority of his movies). Still it’s a small example of the sort of things he could have done had Tom Parker not been a part of his life.