Obscure (?) Elvis Presley Song

The name of the song is Just Pretend and it was recoded by Elvis Presley and those are the only solid pieces of info I have; I don’t know if it is on a single or an LP, I don’t know if it has been digitized, I don’t even know if it is currently available. I do know it would win me a smile and even more importantly, if would put a smile on a dear friend’s face. I don’t know where to start; can someone point the way for me?

As always, thanks in advance.


My dad was shopping for a new car. He had a choice between a new '70 Mercury that was too long to fit in our garage, a shorter BMW (my initial choice), and a used Eldo with gold-fleck paint 1/8" thick that had previously belonged to Elvis.

Had he gone with Door #3 I’d have an Eldo with many more than 500,000 miles because I’d never let it go. Though I’d settle for the '72 Lincoln I courted my wife in.

MIL: Nice car. You say his father is a federal judge?
Future Wife: Yeah.
MIL: I suppose he will also be a lawyer.
Future Wife: He’s shown no inclination that way.
MIL, not listening: It would be good if you married a lawyer.
Future Wife: :rolleyes: