Please help me identify this animal on this TV commercial.

I think it’s a commercial for “Infone” or something like that…anyway, there’s some type of rodent in a kitchen eating table scraps or such, and the camera’s eye gives us the impression that we are peeking around a corner. The dialogue is that of a 911 call asking for help in dealing with this “big” animal, looking “straight at [the main character]” at times. The hapless man calling is then (correctly) referred to Animal Control.

What kind of animal is this? And, is this a common problem, if this is a specific type of animal?

I believe that it is a capybara. It’s sort of a large guinea pig (like REALLY large). they are native to South America. They are fairly harmless, if I recall correctly.

I think it’s a capybara. It’s the world’s largest rodent. Native to South America, I think, so I was wondering how it broke into someone’s home here in the U.S.

They are sold as pets.

It’s definitely a capybara.

Gah! That’s it. The thing looks rather shifty, if you ask me.

Pets, eh? I guess I’ve not much to worry about then.

Thanks so much!

Oink oink.


Well, that one does. 'Scuse the broad brush…

[sub]The 'Dopers are everywhere these days…[/sub]

There’s a hilarious kids’ book by Bill Peet about his experiences with a pet capybara. It’s called “Cappyboppy.”

We hunt 'em back home. Not much of a sport really.

More than you ever wanted to know about them:

Where else?

That’s funny! I’ve never seen the ad, but just from the description of a “BIG” rodent, my first thought was capybara!

I’ve seen one at the local big zoo, in Aldergrove. They’re actually kinda cute. At our zoo we have African (or Gambian) Pouch Rats, which go about the size of a small cat. You oughta see the looks on some people when they catch sight of those two!

“The Tick” fans like me recognized it immediately!


D’oh! I thought it was a wombat.

Here’s an interesting anecdote about the capybara: (apologies to member capybara) In some parts of South America (I was in Colombia), local residents were allowed to wink at the “fish only on Friday” papal decree because the capybara was considered an aquatic animal and therefore must be fish. Tastes a lot like pork, though. One of the men I worked with in Colombia caught two of them and was raising them at home as one would raise a turkey for Thanksgiving. He left the project I was working on, so I don’t know if his kids adopted them as pets and derailed the idea of turning them into dinner.