Please help me name my cat!

I’ve been wanting a cat for a while. Last night we went to the Humane Society after watching their website with intent of looking at a long haired orange tabby, but fell in love with a beautiful Calico.

She is 9 months old, orange, black and white. She was a stray and had no name. Soooooo… this is where you guys come in.

On my list I have; Asia, Bali, Kali, Tango and Calypso. I’m leaning toward Calypso, Asia or Tango.

Anyone out there have any suggestions? Her personality is a true nutbar. She sat in the end of the tub this morning while I showered. She is playful, yet cuddly.

Also…does anyone have any advice about integrating a cat and dog? We have an 11 year old purebred Boxer who loves animals, but the kitty isn’t too fond of him.

Thanks in advance!

May I suggest Hobbes?

I still maintain that the best name ever for a cat was from Stephen King’s The Dead Zone:

Speedy Tomato

You’re welcome:D

Chairman Miaow.

(copyright David Baddiel)


well as far as letting them get to know each other, keep the cat in her own area for a few days and gradually let them each get used to the scent of each other. Then let’em mingle for a little while (until one of them gets really uncomfortable) each day, gradually increasing the time they’re around each other. Or just let’em square off a few times and settle who’s boss. My money’s on the cat.
As for names, how about: Anthrax, Khan, Toad or Dreaded Feline Master?


What? You’ve never learned “eddiecat”? :smiley:

Tiger seems a nice name.

of course, with an 11 year old boxer around, you might call it tidbit or choking hazard.

Whats the dog’s name? Since the cat hates him you might find a name that is an opposite for your dog.


Tango is really cute, and I think Toaster would be a neat name. The best name I ever gave a cat was Zinfandel.

If you dog is bothering the cat, use a squirt guy or spray bottle to teach him to keep his distance. That worked wonders for me.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I just talked to my fiance and he’s had the dog and cat out all day together while he does housework. Apparently things are going well. Spike (our dog) doesn’t seem jealous and is almost showing the kittie around. She was growling a little, but didn’t swipe at him like she did last night.

We’ve pretty much decided on either Calypso or Tango.

Hobbes is cute, but more of a boy’s name.

Speedy Tomato and Choking Hazard are hilarious! hehe

Chairman Meow is the best yet. I’m using it for my next kitty. We just lost one and another one is looking rather punk these days.

Female calicos must be named “Sealink”!

You can call him whatever you want, he’s still not listening…

(ba dum bump!) :smack:

i always thought it would be cool to have a male and female and name them osiris and isis.

how bout Mewlin’ Rouge?

Heh. My cat does this all the time. His name is Henry, which I guess won’t help you much with a girly cat. (It’s actually Dr. Henry Scooby, but this embarasses him so we stick with Henry.)

Baby steps. If you push them too hard it will likely make things more difficult. Since your cat is so young (and will likely adjust to new stuff more easily than an older cat) and your dog is older (and presumably calmer than a younger dog) I’d say they’ve got a good shot at, if not a lasting heartfelt friendship, at least tolerance.

We always just let the animals “fight it out” when introducing the dog to our 2 cats, or even much more recently, when bringing my kitten to my parents house when I’m home for Christmas/other holidays. She’s a fearless kitty, and although she was nervous around the dog, and the other cats weren’t too happy to see her, there were no actual problems. They just hiss at one another for a couple of days, and then settle down into some sort of “routine” around one another. We never did the whole “segregate them”, or “slow introductions”. One of the cats at my parents place plays with the dog, the other just ignores him, but he ignores her too. I have never seen one of those cartoon situations where the dog is always chasing the cat, and they’re always fighting. Maybe we;ve (and my aunt, come to think of it) have just been lucky with our pets?!

I suggest that you “try out” a few of the names you like for a few days…the right one will just start to fit in a short time. My second kitten came to me from a shelter where he was dubbed “spots” which was kinda cute, but just didnt roll off the tongue. I tried on “seven” (he has seven gray spots) just to be more “conceptual” and that didt fit either. It came to me all at once one day soon thereafter and he has been the most perfect little “Spike” ever since.

Cats have SO much personality…wait a little bit and your kitty’s will come shining through and practically pick its own name!