Please help me with Adobe Premiere before I kill myself

Ok well this morning I finally came up with a final video that I am happy with. The problem is that the uncompressed AVI is 299MB, which obviously won’t work. Problem is, I can’t seem to get it into any kind of reasonable format.

I have tried other things in Premiere, which don’t work at all. I have downloaded about 8 different conversion utilities, which have all had different problems. I was able to successfully save as divx (though still a 93MB file), but the program I used put “Unregister Version” and their website in big red letters across the screen of my video. VideoMach, when used to convert my video, did ok both with divx and mpg, but in both cases the end result came out with the sound not sync’ed up. Another program I used stretched the aspect ratio out to make it short and really wide, and there were no settings to change it. Another one the video came out slanted to the right, and what went off the screen on the right came back in on the other side. Then there were the countless programs that either crashed when I ran them, or said my file was not supported by the codec, or had some other type of failure. Ulead VideoStudio did an ok job, except that the ONLY size it would output was 720 x something, which is just too damned huge. (My file is 427 bx 320).

So I’m totally stumped. How do I get this file into something of a reasonable size so that I can put it online? (YouTube wants .mpg, .mov or .avi).

You guys are my heroes. I figured out a lot of stuff on my own, true, but I wouldn’t have been going in the right direction without the help you guys have given me. As well as the stuff I didn’t figure out, that you told me :wink:

Anyway, I broke down and spent $30 on a conversion program AVI to MPG that worked in the trial version (but printed a nag screen in the middle of your video) and got my new video uploaded to YouTube. The quality is so vastly superior! In the VideoMach-authored video I couldn’t even tell if I had a face, in this one, not only can I see it, but I can tell the expression! Whoaaaaa…

This is all just a big learning process, I don’t expect to win an Oscar for this or anything. Mostly I’m just practicing to get the hang of the software. My mom wants me to make a DVD of old family movies, still clips, etc for our family reunion.

So here is my video: (warning, lots of juggling) TaDa!!!

Awesome!!! My favorite parts are the kitty, the bathtub and shower, and the rotating overhead shot. “How I did the rotating overhead shot” :slight_smile:
Btw, HI LADY!!! Miss you…

I love it, OpalCat. Amazing editing!

And I was just going to ask about the overhead shot. Beautiful :slight_smile:

Thanks! Your help was invaluable :slight_smile:

No, I think you did more with that thing in one day than I’ve done my entire life :slight_smile: