Adobe Primiere and video card

Ok I am having a quite annoying problem concerning Adobe primere 5.1 and my studio dc 10 video card. Well first off, the video card is not recognized by 5.1, which is ok because on the pinnicle website (makers of dc10) they say that you can get around that by:

1.)capturing video files though the dc10 program
2.)edit them in 5.1
3.)export the product as an avi file in Primiere
4.)use dc10 to make the final video product.

Ok I went through all the steps as the Pinnicle site advised, but I had some problems.

1.) Exporting the video clip to an avi file took more than two hours. The total time on the clip was less than two minutes. There was an added sound track and no transitions. About 10-15 different video clips were used.

2.) Rendering in DC10 took almost 45 minutes. This is just the straight two minute AVI file mentioned above, no transitions. Any other time, rendering a straight avi file (no overlays or transitions) that was captured in DC10 would take less than minutes.

3.) Play back on the screen on DC10 looked normal, but when I taped it from the vcr the video was scrambled and the audio was very distorted.

So I guess my questions are, what am I doing wrong that all of this is happening? Should I reconfigure the settings? Why are exporting and rendering taking so long? Why was the output video messed up and how can I correct it?

If you’ve made it this far into my message thank you very much for reading it! I really would like some advice on this, so any info you guys could give me would be REALLY appreciated. TTYL!

I guess that I should have mentioned that I am able to record video that has been edited with in the DC10 program with out problem. It’s just when the video is edited in another program when I have a problem.

Wow ! Not sure if you’ll get the kind of answer you’re looking for here – most web folk round these parts are at the kind of Dreamweaver / Photoshop stage of things. You might strike lucky…

I did take a look at Premiere 6, After Effects 5 / Director 8.5 but going leave the Digi stuff for now – think you might be better posting this in a specialised forum:

My first stop might be the Adobe Community Forums:

I know the Macromedia forums / news groups on Delphi and Yahoo are good but I don’t know about Adobe. Good luck