Video card question -- Need help!!

I have a Studio DC 10 video card on my computer, and Adobe Primier 5.1 will not recognize it. It’s not really and older card, but I guess that it’s not new enough, or maybe not common enough to be recognized. They also have not come out with an adaptor for it. Is there any way to get around this so I can use Primiere 5.1 with less trouble? I really need help with this so any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

Are you loading a DC10 res/color depth preset prior to initalizing adobe see -

Although yours is the DC10 similar principle may apply per below.

System freezes or crashes when starting Adobe Premiere


Make sure you are using the latest available driver from the website.

Please read the following document in its entirety before beginning.

Delete the Premiere Preferences file. Quit the Premiere application and use Find files or Folders to locate prem50.prf (Premiere 5.1) or prem32.prf (Premiere 4.2) Delete this file then restart Premiere and test again.

Changing Memory ranges
If the capture card appears to install correctly, but your system locks up when accessing video applications within a few seconds of starting the program, try changing the memory range used by the DC30plus.