Please help me with my BIG windows!

We just moved into a new home, and it’s presented some challenges. One of these is the living room window. It is comprised of three sections-a fixed middle section 12’-0" wide flanked on each side with 24" windows that have a fixed lower section about 18" high and a hinged section above (the hinge is on the outside). The sill is about 6" off the floor and about 72", I guess (I haven’t measured the hight, but it appears to be a standard height).
Bear in mind this is a rental house, so we don’t want to make any permanent installation, and we don’t want to invest a lot of money. I was hoping to go with tab-top drapes, perhaps made out of some tableclothes or sheets, but they don’t seem to make 12’-0" rods. I thought of using PVC, but it would probably need to be supported in more places than the center, which would prevent me from opening the drapes all the way. I thought of using an 8’-0"set of matchstick blinds in the center and 24" sets on either end, but I can’t find 24" blinds. Matchstick was the only blinds I could find in 8’-0" width.
We have a great view, so we want to be able to open the drapes all day. This is giving me agita! Any ideas?

I’ve lived with this situation before. Yuck. You will need to spend a small amount of money to fix this. I was able to find rods of the required size (in my case, only 106 inch) at Home Depot for about $50. You can also by custom sized blinds at Lowe’s or HD. See if the landlord will take it off the rent if you agree to leave whatever hardware you buy. The rod I got is wrought iron and extends to about 120 inch and only has 1 center support. It looked spiffy with the tab-top drapes. I am fairly sure that it was possible to purchase a longer rod of the same style.