please help me

I live in sweden and wants to be an actor in Holllywood.
can somebody give me some advice what to do?

I mean do the american movie makers any audition in Sweden?

Please let me know!

  1. Move to hollywood
  2. Get a job as waiter
  3. Learn english
  4. Go to auditions
  5. Be patient
  6. Don’t plan on becoming famous
  7. Be satisfied as a waiter in California making min. wage + tips
  8. Write screenplays in your spare time
  9. Get screenplay discovered by a producer
  10. Ask for a bit part in your movie

But the most important thing here is, why on EARTH would you want to become a Hollywood actor? I think the halcyon days of the US movie industry have long gone, and people now see Hollywood for the grubby, sordid, exploitative rip-off it really is.

Doesn’t Sweden have it’s own movie industry? Why don’t you begin there, and see where it leads?

Good luck with your projects though.

“Fucking Almo” rocks! Get in a flick directed by that guy, hopefully something that’ll make it to the art houses over here. When it becomes a big hit, start making the rounds at Hollywood parties. Shmooze the producers/directors and get a gig. Done.


don’t you need a work Visa to come to the US to act?

hi gino im a actor you may have seen me in Lifetime network " I Married A Killer - the Lisa Scott story" I also do numerous films for the government. I just got done with a film for the national traffic safety board called " Your Seatbelt- A Hug From God " start calling your local advertising agencies , they can get you jobs doing local commercial Than call your countries film commission to see where a movie is filming in your area . Most of them need extras some are speaking parts . than send your work too casting agencies

Let’s not be too hard on Gino. He’s had two threads closed, and I think he probably just doesn’t know the rules yet.

To answer your previous question, Gino, the way to find with Dolph Lundgren would be to contact the Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood, California. They’re in the phone book. They will not give you Lundgren’s address, but you may get an address to send fan mail to. You might get them to give you his agent’s name, but generally they won’t unless you’re producing a film and are interested in hiring him. I’m sorry to have to tell you, but the only way you’re going to get in touch with Lundgren is by sending him fan mail. And I’m sure most of his fan mail is from people who want to be in one of his films. Of course, you can write in Swedish. That might get his attention.

As for becoming an actor. Well, the best way to become an actor is to act. Join a drama club. This will give you experience and exposure. If you know someone who is making a low-budget film, see if you can work on it. Keep trying, and take every job. Eventually you may get one that will pay. If you are very lucky, you will get a major role someday that will bring you to the attention of international casting agents.

But I have to agree with kambuckta. Hollywood is sleazy. Trash and prostitutes. (Although The Cat and Fiddle pub is nice.) There are films being made all of the time in Europe. Lars von Trier is just over in Denmark. The DOGME movement seems to be stronger there than it is here. And European films are usually better than American ones.

Of course, you could always make your own low-budget film, get extremely lucky and get noticed, and get more work.

Can you get a grant from your government to pay for schooling in the arts?