Please help. PC Prob, not in sticky, re Quicktime and IE

This problem arises when I am (legitimately!) trying to download software or a software update.

Whenever I try to download anything like this, I get a screen with the Quicktime ‘Q’ logo; some downloading may take place, but eventually I get an error message and the ‘broken’ Quicktime Q saying the download failed because it’s not a Quicktime file. I know what I’m trying to download isn’t a Quicktime file, and I never imagined it was. But for some reason every attempt to download software files invokes this intrusion by Quicktime.

It seems to happen because Quicktime inserted some sort of plug-in for IE which is always invoked even when it isn’t wanted. But this is a hazy guess based on a few nights’ experimentation.

My machine is a Windows 98 SE box which seems stable, and I’m happy with it. I used to be able to download s’ware no problem. Then about a year ago I went to the Apple site and paid to download the Quicktime viewer (for some reason now forgotten) and I’ve had this problem ever since. I wouldn’t mind having nothing more to do with Quicktime, ever, if this solved the download problem. I’ve tried to uninstall Quicktime by running its own Uninstaller, and I’ve tried to remove it using the Add/Remove programs utility. However, it is always still there on the Add/Remove list, even after running ‘Remove’ and rebooting. It seems
un-installable, like a software version of the living undead.

I need to fix this problem. I’m happy with my anti-virus software (Command anti-virus, although the owning company is now called Authentium), but from time to time they post updates to the software engine itself, not just new definition files. I can’t download these unless I can get round this Quicktime probem.

If you can offer any help or advice, I’d be very grateful. You can have my thanks, my love, my pleading or my body, but please help.

It sounds like the file type is mistakenly associated with the Quicktime app (and it sounds like you know this).

Have you checked your file associations? (Explorer window, Tools, Folder Options, File Types.)

Have you tried downloading by right-clicking and choosing Save Target As? That grabs the file directly and bypasses the handling routines in IE.

Thanks for responding.

I don’t think it’s a question of file types and associations.

First of all, it just seems that the act of trying to download something invokes a call to some infernal Quicktime plug-in irrespective of what is being downloaded. Secondly, I often don’t and won’t know what the file type is that I’m trying to download. If it’s a softwware update, for example, I just go to a page that has a ‘click here to download the new version’ button, which I click… and that’s when the whole problem starts.

Yes, I’ve tried Save Target As and that doesn’t seem to work either.

It’s a longshot, but try this real quick: In IE go through the menus, “Tools->Internet Options->Advanced” and uncheck the box for “Enable third party browser extensions”. Hit OK and restart your computer. Does that fix it?

Have you tried running Spybot (from the sticky)? Have you tried reinstalling IE? The fact that Save Target As doesn’t work is unusual. What version of IE are you running?

Just to be clear, your browser has been hijacked. Whether it’s been hijacked by a legitimate program like Quicktime or something else in unknown, but the result is the same. If Spybot doesn’t fix it, HijackThis certainly will.

Thank you Saranga for all your advice, but no joy.

I’m running IE 5.00.2614. I tried the ‘Internet Options > Advanced’ route, but I don’t have a box for “Enable third party browser extensions”. The only ‘Enable’ boxes I’ve got are:

Enable Install On Demand
Enable offline items to be synchronised on a schedule
Enable page hit counting
Enable page transitions

and, further down…

Enable Profile Assistant

All are checked except the first.

I could try either Spybot or HijackThis but I believe I’d have to download them first. And not being able to download things is the problem. Also, I’m fairly sure I’m not suffering from any viruses, spyware or parasites at the moment. I’ve just recently had a very good system scrub, using absolutely bang up-to-date anti-virus s’ware and definition files. I had to get these supplied on CD because I couldn’t download from the site.

I haven’t tried re-installing IE yet. I’m not sure the IE software was supplied with my computer when I bought it. It may just gave come pre-installed with no software CD.

Uncheck “Enable Install on Demand”
It’s a security risk.

Secondly… see if this solves your problem.

Sorry ianzin :smack: I never thought about the fact that you wouldn’t be able to download those programs.

The information in Daizy’s link will definitely solve the problem. Nice find!

Thank you very much Daizy!

The link you’ve provided sounds very helpful. I will try it. How does one go about searching for this level of specific information? Obviously something like a regular Google search isn’t much help (I tried).

By the way, ‘Enable install on demand’ was already unchecked (see my previous post) and always has been.

Anyway, you’re a star. If you now refer to the end of my original post, you may claim the reward of your choice.

You are most welcome ianzin
Glad you’ve got enable install on demand unchecked. Sorry I had just skimmed your post…to where you said you did.
I cheated a little. I repair computers for a living, and belong to more tech boards than you can shake a stick at… so I knew what your problem was.
I had good luck using google. I simply typed in Quicktime starts download . It was the first one that popped up.
Let us know how it goes… so I can make my choice of reward accordingly! :smiley:

Searching the Microsoft Knowledge Base is also a good option.

FWIW, I believe the people who developed the Quicktime installer for Windows are evil and should suffer a life of misery and a painful death. After having it hijack file extensions even after I told it not to during installation and having other numerous problems and sorting out other people’s problems with it, I will never allow it on any system I own and whenever I encounter web content that requires it, I write to the webmaster of the site explaining why I think their site sucks and why I will never visit it again and why I will encourage everyone I know to never visit it. I too am a computer professional and have run into this problem before as well and my hate of Quicktime is based solely on my experiences with it. It is actually a good format and the file size/quality ratios are good. Too bad the Apple developers decided to make it so system unfriendly for people running Windows machines.

I followed the link you provided and killed the offending registry entry. So far as I’m aware, it’s now OK!

Thanks once again.

That’s fabulous news ianzin!
Congratulations on getting it sorted. :slight_smile: