Please Help Set Up File and Printer Share on Home Network

I have a desktop plugged into a wireless router with a secure network. I have a new laptop, and the router works fine for laptop internet access. Both systems run Windows XP.

Assuming it’s possible…

  1. How can I get the laptop to access and alter Word and Excel files from the desktop?

  2. How can I get the laptop to print to the printer connected to the desktop?

  3. How can I copy desktop files to save on the laptop hard drive using the network?

I have tried Google, but the sites I found were not helpful or presumed I had prior knowledge of how to do this stuff.

Thanks in advance!

Under network properties (in your control panel), have Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, and one protocol like Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) enabled.

Make sure each computer has a unique name and is a member of the same workgroup (under system properties in your control panel).

You may need to disable your firewalls to make this work.

  1. Make the folder that the word and excel files are in shareable. Personally, I create a folder called “share” on my computer and make it shareable. To make a folder shareable right click on the folder and select properties, then click on the sharing tab and follow the instructions.

  2. First you need to make the printer shareable. You do this the same way you make a folder shareable. From the start menu select printers and faxes, then right click on your printer for properties and click on sharing. Now that the printer is shareable, go to the laptop and add a printer. Follow the on screen prompts. You want to select a network printer (not a local printer), select browse when it asks for the name, then browse through your desktop and select the printer you want to use.

  3. Once you have shared folders set up (from part 1) you can just browse to them from the other computer and copy and paste like you would any other folders on your system. To browse to a computer, click on my network places (from your start menu) and click on view workgroup computers. You can also just bring up a windows or internet explorer and up where you type the URL type \LAPTOP (or whatever you named your laptop) or \DESKTOP to browse to them.

By the way, the two slashes before the computer name (the “\” above) are officially pronounced “whack whack”.

Thank you. I will try this and see what happens.

Seems to be working thanks again!