Please Help This Ignorant Keyboarder

There must be a simple keystroke for this. For example when I log into Straight Dope, I have to enter my username, ::FISH FOR MY MOUSE:: then click on the next place I want to enter information in this case, my password.

It seems some information blanks can be accessed by hitting enter, but please tell me there is a foolproof way to get to the next field.

The tab key will do the trick.

And one of the slightly lesser knowen shortcuts is that SHIFT+TAB will move backwards across fields.

Yay! It works. Thanks folks, that’s gonna save me lots of time and frustration. Gonna have to have a word with Miz Beacon though. Oh, wait, maybe I skipped that lesson.

The Tab key is a standard Windows shortcut. It works in other Windows programs as well, when there are multiple input boxes. Also if one of the inputs is a checkbox or button, you can get to that with the tab key and use the space bar to press the button or select/deselect the checkbox. So after you type the password, press tab again to go to the OK button and press space. That might save you a few extra milliseconds.

But what bugs the hell out of me is when web designers put something between the password field and the OK box, ie “forgot your password?”. Then when I hit tab space (like second nature) and I go to some other screen.

thats because the designers do not know about the html tabindex attribute :slight_smile:

FUCKERS!!! Grrrr!!! :wink:

And in case you haven’t noticed it, you can also usually tab between hyperlinks on a web page. This sometimes helps save a few seconds reaching for the mouse.

Other useful keyboard shortcuts for web surfing (IE only as far as I know, I’ve forgotten almost everything I ever knew about Netscape):
Alt + left arrow = Back
Alt + right arrow = Forward
Esc = Stop
F5 = Refresh
Alt + Home key = Home
Ctrl + scroll wheel = change text size