Please help write a SILLY Prenup agreement

As you might have noticed from my other post…I am going to marry my lesbian friend to show my support for gay marriages in the state of Florida on Valentines Day.

Since I am getting married (celebrating a union) I think I should have a prenup Agreemnt. I have googled myself silly and can not find a basic form for “free” that I can use as a guideline to write my own prenup.

So I am asking for your help. Please help me construct a silly prenup agreement.

My friend has horses and a farm. I have 5 children, a house on the golfcourse and a Raggedy Ann Doll collection.

My friend has a truck and trailer. I have a Princess car and lots of make up and jewlery.

My friend is into collecting whips and horse equipment. I collect books and jewlery.

Is that enough information to work with to help me write something?
I tried looking for Jennifer Anniston & brad Pitt’s agreement because I heard it was funny. One of the clauses in the prenup was that jennifer had to make Brad his Banana milkshakes whenever he wants.

My friend and I are not going to live together…we are just operating on this mock wedding. But I think a prenup is in order (just for the hell of it)

As someone who is wholeheartedly in support of gay marriage, I urge you not to do this. It seems to me that if your friend wants the issue of gay marriage to be taken seriously, she should be taking it seriously herself. I don’t see how a farcical marriage is going to achieve that aim.

Marriage should be taken seriously. That’s what we keep having drummed into our heads day after day after day as a reason we must “protect” the sanctity of it’s institution. It would be a far greater statement for a group of committed homosexual couples to enter into this group ceremony to make a point. By taking partners they are not really committed to, the only point being made is that they are not taking marriage seriously.

If what they want to prove instead is that heterosexual couples can marry without a thought to its seriousness, I’m all for them taking an opposite sex partner as a mock husband or wife. Then they can annul the marriage ala Britney Spears. That would be a far better way to prove the point, IMO.

Ok, now I’m scared out of my mind. You bring up some good points.

The way it was presented to me was “Isabelle, our church is having a rally on Valentines Day to speak to our gov’t about gay marriages. So we are having a mock ceremony. We are asking our friends or lovers or whatever to join us. Would you take my hand in marriage. OF COURSE ITS NOT REAL ISABELLE.”

Me: Wow. Ummmm I don’t know.

Friend: We can exchange anything we want. (She is going to give me a tab off a can for a ring) Which got me thinking to what silly thing I could give her!

I am not a serious person so the jokes started rolling…

Now I just don’t know what to think.

I was going to give her the prenup as a joke. (Not show ayone in her church)

This is some heavy thinking.

Just a thought…
If this rally is supposed to be so serious then why would a lesbian ask her very dear, very attractive STRAIGHT friend to marry her? She does not have a signifigant other at this time. I thought this was going to be just like “a show of hands”

Hmmmmm I am worried now.

I think Calliope is right. Even if the ceremony is not “real” that is no reason to make it look farcical. I haven’t seen your other thread but if you are only doing this to provide the other partner for your lesbian friend treat it as an acting job. If she is someone you could marry - invest a few bucks in some thoughtful keepsake and exchange that. In fact whatever the case is buy her something that expresses how you feel about her and give that to her. Discourage the ringpull idea. If the rally attracts a photographer you don’t want to help them make you look silly.

**very attractive STRAIGHT friend **

On reflection, no offence hey??

Yes, basically I am just a stand-in partner. I don’t have an agent so I guess the fee I collect for “acting” is all cake.

Hmmmm what she means to me? She is a very dear friend and I love her.
But trust me it would be WIERD to say in the least if I gave her something real to commeorate the event. I am not a serious person. She would expect nothing less then for me to make her laugh.

But maybe I could get her something serious…

Who said anything about a TV crew? Jeeze Oh Pete’s?!?! What IF there is a crew there? What if my straight friends see me getting married?

I’m thinking this is not a good thing to be a stand-in partner.
Oh great. How do you back out of something like this?

Oddly enough, I just now made Calliope’s exact points over in your other thread and I figured I’d echo her over here. If you really do support the right of gays to marry, I think you’d better reconsider this plan seriously – and maybe try to convince your friend’s church to reconsider it also. I think whoever cooked this up may have been too long at the sacred wine.

thinking back to the “very dear, very attractive STRAIGHT friend” part

Simple. Just tell her you’re marrying me instead ;-).

I thought this was a good idea when I read your original thread too, but I also reconsidered when I realized it was kind of a joke. That said, though, I’d suggest that your friend made it seem more of a joke than it is to make you more comfortable about the depth of the statement you’d be making. I imagine you’ll find they are all quite serious about this.

Why not just repeat what was said here?

Tell her why it wouldn’t be such a good idea-maybe even show her this thread?

AWWWW! Dammit. I was hoping to get some ideas for my own impending marrige on this thread. You all ruined my fun. Foo.

I will chime in here too and agree with what Calliope stated very well in her post. I know that I never thought of it that way until I read it this morning.

If you do decide to go through w/ it, the pre-nup should have a Booty-Call Clause in the event the marriage doesn’t work out.

Apart from the other issues, it seems like drafting a pseudo-legal document, even as a joke, could haunt you in ways only a trial lawyer could imagine. Maybe it should have a clause like “void upon signing” or something similar?