please hurry: bedbugs - new mattress before or after spraying?

They are coming to spray next week, hammer my mattress and my empty room. There are bedbugs in my mattress and box spring, not a total infestation, but they are eating my legs. Should I have a new mattress brought in before or after spraying? I have no qualms about sleeping on a sprayed mattress for a few days. But I really don’t want the thing in the house any more. I want to go buy a new one and have the old one and box spring taken out. The exterminator says they will be killed dead on my old mattress. I don’t want to bother with bedbug covers, the mattress is old anyway.

I wouldn’t do it before. The odds are high it would just get infested.

good point. (sigh) . whats another few days?

Mattresses come in plastic wrap. If you can sleep on plastic for a few days, consider that.

You ought to get bedbug casement for your new mattress–you know, just in case–at least you’ll know your new mattress is okay. And maybe have the guy spray it before you put the casement on. Couldn’t hurt.

They’re going to hammer your mattress?

“Hammer” as in “strike vigorously (with the spray)”, I guess.

(Stwike him, centuwion! Stwike him vewwy woughwy!) :slight_smile:

Dude, don’t bring that new naked mattress until you are sprayed and clear. Just don’t.

Agree with the others, don’t bring it in until the bed bug guy gives you the all clear. I’d suggest getting rid of the old one before they come to spray so they can spray every part of the box (if you’re keeping that) and the frame. Then, I believe there’s something you can set the legs of your bed frame on to help keep them out of the bed. IIRC, it was something simple like putting the legs in plastic buckets. The bugs can’t climb the slick plastic and won’t be able to get into the bed.

But yeah, there’s no good reason to give them a chance to get into the new mattress. Which you should probably encase.

are you sure they are bed-bugs? have you considered what’s attacking your legs might be chiggers, fleas or mites?

has he come out and looked at your issue? as for your legs … is it thighs or calves? does the area on your skin look similar to a rash? try rubbing (not scratching) the ‘bites’ for a minute and then stop … does it start itching immediately afterward? if so … i’d suggest the issue is chiggers/fleas and not bed-bugs. could also be mites.

one last thing … you live inside a separate house or a unit within condo/apartment? if the latter … you need to consider sealing your unit from the other units … else the bed-bugs could simply come back from the adjoining unit*(s)*.

if truly bed-bugs … i’d suggest throwing out the mattress-cover as well as blankets/quilts/sheets/shams/pillows/etc.

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