(Please) Identify this insect

Found in a dorm in Maine on the coast in the fall by my daughter.

First picture is the bug. Sorry it’s blurry.

Second is just for scale. The bug is the dot in the bag near the penny.

Looks like a cockroach nymph, but very hard to tell for sure.

ETA: compare to: https://www.whatsthatbug.com/2016/12/28/immature-cockroach-6/

Maby a baby aphid?

Thanks, I’ll send that link to my daughter. I’ll bet Building Management will want to get right on it.

(Or maybe not, I’ll bet it’s an endemic problem in dorms.)

Yep. What ya got there is a cucaracha. They pack a very poisonous sting, actually. Handle with extreme caution.

I thought cucaracha was Mexican for cockroach in general. Are you saying it is actually one specific kind of poisonous cockroach?

This is false.

^ Yeah, there are no poisonous cockroaches and none of them sting. They can bite, but it’s not that common.

Yes, you probably have one species of cockroach there. Possibly a cockroach nymph as beowulff suggested, a German cockroach or some other similar species.

Aw c’mon, I was ready to spin a really good yarn to back this up. You’re no fun.

But it is too a cockroach baby.