Please identify yourself more clearly before sending me a friend request (lame)

This has happened to me at least twice since I graduated high school. The second time that I remember, a boy who always had something rude to say to me/about me from the 6th grade to the 12th grade actually called out after me “Hi Jaade!” when I saw him in Circuit City talking to a sales person and I stopped to ask the same clerk a qestion. Really? “Hi” as if he was offended I pretended not to know him? Why the hell would I even say hi to someone who attempted to make my life miserable for 6 years?

I’ve often simply said something along the lines of “I’m sorry, I haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet, but I’m drawing a blank on your name. Could you refresh me how we know each other?”

But that’s usually someone from a meeting people app that I have installed. I usually don’t friend anyone I haven’t known in real life or had a bunch of emails with.

Conversely, I wish Facebook had some sort of “license agreement” that people would have to read before making a friend request. Something along the lines of:

  1. By requesting to be friends with me, you understand that I have fairly liberal political beliefs, and from time to time I make comments that may injure the tender sensitivities of conservatives.
  2. By requesting to be friends with me, you understand that I reject 100% of these lame little novelty applications that ask to see all my personal information and are typically sent not as an individual token of friendship, but broadcast as a requirement to see the results of some lame novelty quiz that you took. Thanks, but no thanks.

Who cares? I don’t get this. Are they hurting you somehow or taking away from your FB experience? Aren’t those social networking sites for teens anyway? Why are concerned about friending people on there any way?

I was just now talking to my wife about something similar. I am 41 and brand-new to Facebook. At the moment I’ve only got 6 friends, which is fine, but two of them are old high school friends or acquaintances. As I look through their friends, I see a number of names I recognize, and I know that within the next few months I’ll get an invitation from one of them.

The problem is that I have no idea who the hell they are. I recognize the name, and I know we went to high school together, but that’s it. Can’t picture them in my head, I have no idea if we ever had a class together - nothing. Guess I’ll cross that invitation bridge when I get there.

I’m lucky. My high school no longer exists so it’s not on Facebook’s list. Therefore, I get no friend requests from people I haven’t seen in 36 years.

I was home schooled, so I didn’t technically have a high school to list. Though, it’s kind of crappy that Facebook doesn’t allow the option to select “home school” so that I can at least have something there. Plus, I was a part of several home school groups who took field trips—it’d be interesting to see what happened to some of those kids, but hell if I can remember any names.

I just get completely random people instead. Some are just people who live in the same state. “Oh wow, you live in Illinois, too?! We must be TWINZ!”

Though, I did get a request from a guy with my last name (Baskin) who wants to find and unite all the Baskins on Facebook. That warmed my heart a little. We’re legion on the Internet!

Maybe you can start a home-schooled group. I think that’s how Facebook works, that they don’t start the groups, the members do. I’m not about to start a group for my high school.

I made a random, amusing discovery when I found a guy on Facebook whose name was one letter off from mine. It was notable because of the odd way I spell my first name. I’m Rik Osborne, and this other guy is Rik Osborn. I sent him a note (but not a friend request) that said, “Hey, cool name!” He didn’t answer.