Please induct me into the "The Big Lebowski" fan club now

I rented TBL about two years ago, but for some reason I couldn’t get into it. I didn’t “get” it. In the intervening years, I saw Barton Fink and O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and after those masterpieces, I decided TBL was worth a second try. This time, I stuck with it until after the “ringer” sequence.

God damn, now I get it! I’m not supposed to get it! It’s an intricate Raymond Chandler mystery through and through, with all the requisite Raymond Chandler devices! I.e.: rich bastard, suspect kidnapping, eccentric bossy daughter of rich bastard, assorted goons, floozy disappearing wife that no one cares about, seedy underworld characters, all set in Los Angeles and Hollywood. There was even the requisite drugging sequence, but Philip Marlowe never had a porn film/bowling hallucination: “Jackie Treehorn presents”! The Dude is a hysterical Philip Marlowe substitute. I just loved it, and besides, I could even unravel the mystery, something I can’t always do with a Raymond Chandler mystery.

Moral: always stick with a Coen Brothers movie. You’ll always “get it”.

Any more leads on that Jesus Quintana sequel that was rumored earlier on this board?

Count me in as another Big Lebowski fan. I jump at the chance to watch anything by the Cohens. I couldn’t believe the number of people I talked to who didn’t care for the movie because they didn’t “get it,” whatever that means. One thing I like about the Cohens, besides their obvious love for the medium, is that they assume the audiance isn’t composed of idiots.

One thing I didn’t get though: what was Sam Elliot’s purpose, other than as the 3rd person omniscient POV? Why a cowboy?

Two of their films, Fargo and Blood Simple, are in my personal Top 10 list.

Shut the fuck up, Donny.


I, too, thought TBL was just okay when I first saw it in the theaters. I ‘got’ the noir touches, being a noir fan, but somehow, I just didn’t think it was all that funny that first time. My dog must’ve died earlier that day; I don’t remember. But its genius made it through me after seeing it a second time, and the many, many more times since. I love the little touches in it: the fact that you never actually see the Dude bowl; the little bowling pin pot pipe on his coffee table the cop is examining; that the only time Donny does not get a strike…

… he’s about to die

etc., etc., etc. Such a great film. I think I’ll watch it again tonight!

PoorYorick: As far as Sam Elliot’s charcter… I’d heard that Sam Elliot himself asked the brothers the same question. “What the hell am I doing here? What’s my purpose?” The Cohens didn’t have an answer. They just thought it was funny.

Thanks. That’s what I was wondering, and I have absolutely no problem with somthing being in the movie just because it’s funny. Sometimes, though, something has to hit me over the head before I get it.

[slight hijack] I’ve argued with people about the purpose of the Asian ex-classmate in Fargo. To me, it didn’t really carry the plot; it was just funny. [/slight hijack]

For your perusal:
The Incredible World of Bowling Noir

Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.

I’ve come to think of it more as a pacing thing. Otherwise you’d have two Jerry Lundegard interrogation scenes in a row for no particular reason.

:pours a white russian over puglvr:

“Nobody fucks with the Jesus.”


Raygun99 posted:

It was on this board (sorry too lazy to search for the thread) where someone pointed out that the purpose of the ex-classmate scene is to bring it home to Marge that a lot of people lie very well, and maybe she had better go back and ask that car salesman some more questions. Works for me.


::glug:: Hey, be careful with that beverage, man! Now that I’m in, can we go bowling?

My take on the cowboy narrator is that he wandered in from a different movie :wink:

“Sioux City Sasparilla?”

Oh! and:

“Darkness warshed over The Dude”

Because Sam Elliot is cool as hell and should be in EVERYTHING!

That’s not “bar” as in “bar,” it’s “baaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyrrrrr” as in Smokey the “baaaaaayyyyyyyyrrrrr.” That’s according to my husband anyways, but in the context of the film it seems like he means “bar” (since they’re at the bar at the time.) Although when you think about it, “bar” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but then it IS a Cohen Brothers movie.

Coen Coen Coen Coen Coen Coen Coen Coen !!!
No H.

Sorry, I was hoping the bayr would eat that so he wouldn’t eat me. :o

Because it’s so much fun. He so obviously does not fit in. A cowboy spouting ad lib poetry in a Los Angeles bowling alley? Genius.

Besides, I’d say being the 3rd person omniscient POV is reason enough.

Darkness washed over the Dude. Blacker than a black steer’s toucus on a moonless prairie night. There was no bottom.


“Phone’s ringin’, Dude”
Thanks, Donny”
“Ve believe in noshing! Ve are nilhists”

Well to become an official member of the fan club you have to be able to use the F word in every sentence and if you can use it three times in the same sentence without looking like you are trying then Fu*king A !
You are in for the like in line for the president’s position, Man! However, if you are like willing to do the work, man, you won’t be considered. Anything after that is like your problem, man.

What’s not to ‘get’? Writing a cheque for a quart of milk … getting your rug peed on by thugs who are looking for someone else … Jesus’s purple pantsuit … the dream sequence … I don’t know much about this ‘noir’ stuff but I nearly wet myself laughing every time I see it.

“Nice marmot.”