please. need a recap of the previous episode before 'dead man walking' on torchwood

could someone kindly direct me somewhere online - or at least fill me in - on the previous ep **before ** ‘dead man walking?’

i accidently deleted one of the two recorded eps last weekend before i realized it was two NEW ones. :rolleyes: then the stupid direct tv whatsit recording thingy didn’t record the repeat ep even though it was supposed to record both!!

thenk kew… :smiley:

Here ya go.

excellent recap. thanks, levdrakon.

now, somebody wanna 'splain to me when martha stopped cavorting around the universe with the doctor? i thought she was still on the show. now she’s gonna be on torchwood? i’m confused. a state of being for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, since no one else is jumping in, I’ll just say you have to watch the end of the last season of Dr. Who. Martha had a really rough year there trying to save the Doctor and the universe and at the end she decided traipsing around the universe with Mr. Non-committal wasn’t worth it. But they’re still friends. She eventually got her MD and found work with The Unit, so she’s still involved with all the cool alien stuff.

that would explain it, since i haven’t watched DW who at all this year.
i must wonder if the actors who portrayed the original UNIT soldiers are still around - the good brigadier and my darling sergeant.
wouldn’t it be a gas to see them again? i had something of a crush on the sergeant during the tom baker days… :stuck_out_tongue:

John Levene, who played Sergeant Benton, and Nicholas Courtney, who played the Brigadier, are still around and still acting.

Sadly, there’s no news of any appearances in the new series of Doctor Who, despite what appears to be some significant UNIT involvement this year. Of course, both characters would be long retired by now.

she left because:

[spoiler]she was growing disillusioned with The Doctors seeming habit of dumping his companions, Rose having been stranded in the other universe, and Jack having been abandoned. She wanted to leave before the same thing happened to her. Also she was falling in love with The Doctor, but could see that he would never love her in return. She could see that the relationship was emotionally unhealty for her, and wanted to move away from it.

However, she’s got a phone that can contact him, she’s promised to call him and will be seeing him again.[/spoiler]

She’s still on the show - both shows, but as a recurring character not a regular. She’s going to be on several episodes of Doctor Who next year, and possibly after that, but not all of them.