Torchwood (Season 2 "Dead Man Walking") - 3/8---how did it end?

My DVR cut out with Owen and Martha sitting in the lab, talking about how he absorbed a lot of energy while fighting death, but it’s dissapating quickly. What happened in the last couple minutes?


[spoiler]Martha tells him she doesn’t know anything about the energy that seems to keeping him alive and says “It could take 30 years” to dissipate. Owen says “Or 30 minutes”.

Jack walk by and Owen tells him that since people died because Jack brought Owen back, they should put Jack back to work as a doctor and try to “even their score”.

Jack says “We’ll see”.

Jack turns to Toshiko who asks him “Did he really beat death?” to which Jack responds “You can never really beat death, never escape it, it’s always in the shadows waiting.”

Toshiko asks Jack “So what do we do now?” As Owen looks on, waiting for Jack’s answer, it fades to black and the credits.[/spoiler]
Now the teaser for next week shows this:

Jack is heard apparently formally relieving Owen of his Torchwood duties. We see several characters saying to Owen “What are you?”. Jack is seen saying “We need to find out what you are.” The voice over says “There is a fate worse then death” and “But, it’s the ultimate comeback”. There are quick cuts of Owen in what look like life threatening situations and Toshiko screaming “What are you doing?” and Owen saying “I’m dead already”. Then we see Owen holding someone at gunpoint and when asked who he is, he says “I’m Dr. Owen Harper, and I’m having one hell of a day”.

Thanks very much.

On a side note, I wish that TV shows were not referred to in the title by their US date of broadcast, because for those of us (usually in a different country) who watched it on a different day, it renders any contribution we may make potentially meaningless. We don’t know which episode you’re actually talking about until we go into the thread, and then we have to read the spoilers, and as we may or may not have already seen this episode, we could potentially ruin any future enjoyment.

I’d prefer it if you refer to TV episodes as their Season/Episode combination, e.g. “Torchwood S02E07”.

My 2 Australian cents.

I was going to say the same thing, but in a different way. There have been some recent threads about Torchwood that are just titled by their episode #, like “Torchwood - Season 2, Ep. 5” and I have absolutely no idea which episode that refers to and if it has aired in the US or not. I think it would make more sense to refer to the title of the episode not the number. The one that aired in America on March 8 was “Dead Man Walking.” What # in the series is that?

Yeah, that was an alternative idea I thought of after I posted. I’d be cool with that, too.

On an insider-geek note, one of the evil-Owen’s alien phrases he was shouting, “Melenkurion abatha!” is one of the word-of-power phrases from Donaldson’s Thomas Convenant series. I squealed with nerdic glee pointing at the TV when he said that, my wife thinks I’m even more strange now.

I have so edited the title…

It finally aired here. FWIW, he actually said all seven as a full phrase several times: melenkurion abatha! duroc minas mil khabaal!

I was actually a little irked that they’d chosen words that anyone who’d recognise them would associate with *fighting *bad things, not *embodying *them. Odd sort of choice, really.

I did like the joke involving the ‘translated’ phrase, though. I think it was, roughly: ''I walk the earth; my hunger knows no bounds". The joke is that they’re trying to do an internet search on the phrase, but

keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers. :smiley: