Please photoshop this, Circus Peanut with Trump hair

Im an old man with zero photoshopping skills, so i beg of someone to please make a pic of one of those orange foam circus peanut candies with trump hair on it. I did cursory search of internet and dont see one so it may still be an original idea. Please help :slight_smile:

Here, if it’s any use to you, is an image of Trump as an actual peanut, complete with the hair.

Damn. He looks like Beaker from the Muppets

I’m sure someone can come along and do a better job than me, but here’s a quick shot at it:

There’s probably no other person in the world you could recognise from just two circus peanuts.

That reminds me of Jimmy Carter far more than Trump.

Definitely more Trump’s complexion, though. He looks like someone shot him in the face at some point in his life.

I thought this thread was about Photoshop jobs, not actual photos.