Please post your favorite homemade Mac and Cheese recipes.

I’m really craving homemade Mac and Cheese. Anyone have a special recipe they’d like to share? I had the most amazing Mac and Cheese yesterday at a casual pub here in Chicago , with chicken, mushrooms, and jalapeños. The cheese was so creamy, it reminded me that good food can be better than average sex!

I make this a couple times a year for get-togethers. It’s crazy popular!

I make Alton Brown’s baked mac n cheese and I add 2 minced chipotles and 6 slices of chopped, cooked bacon. It’s not so much creamy as fluffy, I guess, but it’s so good, I think it may be the only reason my family keeps me around.

My recipe originated from Martha Stewart’s macaroni and cheese, but I’ve adapted it to suit what’s available to me.

I cook 1 pound of cavatappi (Meijer store brand) for 2 minutes less than the box instructions. Then I dump it in a colander and start the sauce:

6 T butter, melted,
.5 c flour. Make a roux. Then add
5.5 cups milk
1 tsp salt
pinch red pepper
pinch nutmeg
and simmer it until it thickens. Then add the cheese:

2 logs of Cracker Barrel sharp white cheddar, shredded
1/2 can of Meijer parmesan-romano cheese topping.

When the cheese has had time to melt into the sauce, pour the pasta into the pan, then pour it all into your largest casserole dish. Top with the other 1/2 can of cheese topping. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

I like the Martha Stewart recipe too - but to be clear, it calls for Cayenne pepper, not red. A good sharp white cheddar is a lot of the magic.

I also like using rotini instead of elbows - holds more cheese and I top with homemade sourdough breadcrumbs, well buttered.

I also freeze it uncooked in smaller servings for later use.

i don’t always use exact measurements but i’ll do the best i can:

you will need:

1 can cheddar cheese soup (i also use cream of celery)
2 cups shredded cheese (kraft or store brand is fine)
1 block good vermont or wisconsin cheddar (go to the fancy cheese section in the deli)
1 lb macaroni
spoonful of mayo
1/2 cup milk

while mac is cooking, mix the soup, milk, handful of cheddar cheese (use the kraft) and spoonful of mayo in a pan on medium heat til it forms a thick sauce(stir occasionally). put the cooked macaroni in a baking dish and mix the sauce in. shred the good cheese and mix it in. throw in the rest of the kraft if you feel so inclined, but leave enough to put on top. once its all mixed up, throw the remaining cheese on top and top with breadcrumbs. bake at 350 for about 25-30 minutes. eat for a few days.

:slight_smile: Since I don’t much care for baked mac and cheese, I go for Alton Brown’s stovetop recipe. I’m cooking for two little kids, so I don’t do anything weird, in fact I leave out the mustard, hot sauce, and pepper; but what remains is similar to, but in every respect better than, Kraft.

I quite like this take on the Martha Stewart recipe. I particularly like the mini-croutons/large cubed bread crumbs on top. I don’t make it often, but it’s popular when I do.

I’ve made this twice. It’s Tricia Yearwood’s Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese. My wife’s is good/great. This is better.

I use extra sharp cheddar.

I also use the Trisha Yearwood recipe. It’s really good. Definitely use the slow cooker though. It’s not good baked.

What color is cayenne pepper in your house?

Red of course, just like the stuff in the jar labelled “crushed Red Pepper” - unlike the pepper called for in the recipe, which is in the “Cayenne Pepper” jar.

In recipes, those are usually called red pepper flakes, or crushed red pepper. Anytime I see “red pepper” on a recipe I assume powder. The recipe posted above by Sattua is absolutely correct.

No big deal, but I was simply going from the original Martha Stewart online recipe, which calls for cayenne, not red. Satua did say he modified it, so I will retract my correction.