Please recommend a Bluetooth earpiece

I’ve never had one of those Bluetooth earpieces before, but I’m thinking about getting one. The impetus was being at Comic Con and missing texts because I couldn’t hear the alert tone in a huge noisy crowd of people, and for whatever reason when I’m busy I don’t feel the phone vibrating in my pocket. I know nothing about these, so I figured I’d toss it out here and see what people suggest.

My requirements:

  • Must work with an iPhone 4S
  • Must have one of those over-the-ear things (I have weird ears, apparently–those little plug type earphones fall out)
  • Must alert me through the earpiece (either by a tone or by vibrating) when I have a call.

My “would be nice” list:

  • Not super expensive, though I want a quality item so no cheapies either
  • Long battery life

Anybody have experience with these? Thanks in advance!

Wow, 112 views and no replies. I’m really beginning to believe such a thing doesn’t exist. The spouse has been scouting for me and he can’t find one either. Apparently it has something to do with the device’s tiny battery and the fact that it goes to sleep when it’s not receiving a signal, so it’s not responsive enough to deal with an alert tone from a text message. Who knew?

Well, that kinda sucks. What do people do in crowded environments when they’re expecting texts? Just hold the phone in your hand so you can feel the vibration, since it’s too loud to hear the alert tone?

I have no idea if this works with apple products because we just do not use anything by apple. My husband has this one and he really loves it.

My own one is a Plantronics Voyager 510 that I’ve had for a few years but it’s still working fine so I have no need to replace it

he wife and I got a Jawbone on the advice of my son. We had tried various other ones and were never happy with them. Not cheap though, we paid 120 i think but they are way better than the other ones we had. Way more features than I need but I love mine.
They have some kind of noise canceling and when I talk to the wife while she is driving I cant hear ANY thing other than her voice. Highly recommened.