Cell phone headset without ear pieces

I will be getting a new cell phone in a few days, and it has Bluetooth capability.

I work alone in my workshop every day and often have a hand either holding a part or covered with grease a good part of the time. I like the idea of being able to tap a button on an earpiece or such and receive and answer phone calls, but I just don’t care to have a bud in my ear all day.

I have looked online, but haven’t found a solution.
Does anyone know of or have experience with a cell phone Bluetooth device that goes around the collar or clips on that has a speaker so that I can talk on the phone without having something on or in my ear?

Why wouldn’t a standard speakerphone work?
You’d have a microphone & speaker unit on the bench or wall in front of you, and you could press a button on it to answer the phone, then talk into the microphone.

A speakerphone wouldn’t work for me. I move around in my shop from workbench to various machines and such, so I am not always in one place for long. I need something that moves with me, I can activate with a touch, then at least start a conversation until I can shut off a machine or get my hands clean enough.

Do you wear glasses? The Oakley Razrwire headset will fit on thick-ish wire frames (though it’s only designed to fit two specific Oakley frames) and is loud enough that you can leave the earbud well out of your ear and still hear conversations. I imagine there should be a few of the headsets (they were available packaged with the sunglasses in the image, or as a standalone product) knocking around eBay. I’ve actually got one in a drawer somewhere.

Bone conducting earphones maybe? http://aftershokz.com/collections/wireless/products/bluez-2

They contact your head near your ears but nothing in or on the ear itself.