Bluetooth headset for a house phone?

We have a set of regular cordless phones in our home office. I have a basic Plantronics headset that plugs into the 3.5mm jack on the side of a handset. It’s great, but it can be a great pain in the ass—who uses a cord in the 21[sup]st[/sup] Century? It gets tangled up in my jetpack and there is little room to store it.

My cell, GPS, and I think my refrigerator all have Bluetooth connectivity. Why can’t I find a doohickey that plugs into my phone and lets me talk without the cord? I don’t need any feature other than a mic, speaker, volume, and mute (i.e. no answering or hanging up). Anyone?

Here you go, but I can’t vouch for it.

Thanks–that also helps with search terms, too.

Not that it’s that big of a factor, but do you think their marketing department spent a lot of time picking out the site’s name?

Well, it’s not much worse than LG (Lucky Goldstar).