Please recommend a gaming console for me and my wife.

We’re both in our mid fifties. We’re really not into FPS games. We have an old Wii that we don’t play anymore but that we did enjoy once upon a time. Does that mean that we should buy a Switch? I’m mainly interested in games that we can play against each other and not just one person playing while the other watches.

If you need more information to make a recommendation, feel free to ask. Thanks.

Yes, buy a Switch. there’s great selection of games and the portability and ability to just slip it in and out of the dock is one we use in the family all the time. i.e. daughter is playing “Zelda” on the big screen, I want to watch the Formula one, she just picks the console out of the dock and carries on without pause. Plus I can’t tell you how many hours my wife and I have spent in bed knocking off a few shrines. No, that’s not a euphemism.

Other consoles have their attractions certainly but the sheer plug and play, carry anywhere, instant access nature of the Switch puts it top for me.

I don’t have a Switch so can’t give you feedback about taht. My favourite is the Playstation. I like the visuals, the menus and the controller better than I like my Xbox 360, and they have good games for it. If you go for an older version like PS3, you can get one and heaps of games, very cheaply, because those who want the latest and greatest sell off their bundles for a fraction of what they cost to buy.

There are so many consoles out and so many games. Personally I like the xbox one,but why not go retro if you like something simpler. I recently purchased some good clone consoles from a company called gamerztek off amazon. I have a clone snes,sega genesis and a 8bit nes if you like simpler games that the two of you can pop in and play together. All of the consoles come with two controllers,game are sold separate and can also be purchased off amazon. The clone consoles from gamerztek work great and I have not had any problems with it playing any games so far. They are also very cheap consoles and many old school games can be found cheaply on amazon. If you want I can even give you some recommendations on some good two player games

I think a good place to start is what kind of games do you want to play?

Also, at the risk of being…I dunno…ageist? I guess? I don’t know if a handheld game would work well for you if your vision isn’t the best. Yes, I know you can plug it into the big screen, but part of the Switch’s fun is being able to take it on the go and that is a REALLY small screen.

I’m a tried-and-true Playstation guy, so I’ll always recommend that. You have plenty of games to play together including any and all the Lego games (Mrs. Cups and I are fans of Star Wars and Harry Potter), sports games and games like The Sims.

Late 40s, just got a Switch a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying it a lot (including in handheld mode - my eyesight is average for my age, I guess, I wear progressive lenses - the screen is positively enormous compared to my 2DS ;))

Haven’t played any competitive 2 player games, though - Mario Kart 8 would seem an obvious choice - you might check out Overcooked, a 2 player cooperative game that I could see being divorce-inducing if one player is overly competitive…

An xbox360 is pretty cheap. You can link two together and each play on their own tv. The games are cheap at this point, too. Having your own monitor allows you to manage your characters without irritating your partner.

It… kinda doesn’t matter anymore? The number of games exclusive to any given platform just keeps shrinking, and many of the ones that still exist are FPS games.

Buying a Switch gets you access to Nintendo properties, which are part of that small still-exclusive slice of the pie, so that’s nice. On the other hand, it’s relatively new and still playing catchup in terms of the actual game library.

So if Nintendo titles interest you – if you have fond memories of those franchises or if you’ve heard of something lately that really catches your eye (Mario Kart and Smash are both popular head to head competitive titles) then I’d go that route. Otherwise, I’d go with a Playstation 4. As far as I’m concerned, the Xbox 1 has lost this console generation and has little to recommend it.

My eyes are probably above average for a person my age. IE, I don’t need reading glasses. On the other hand, being able to take the game with me isn’t something that I really care about so I’d be paying for something that I’d rarely if ever use. Still, it seems that Nintendo makes the most family friendly games although I could be wrong about that. Mrs. Glinley doesn’t do violent games. They don’t bother me but they don’t do much for me either.

2 words: Lego games. They are the best.

You and your wife should get a Switch. You won’t regret it.

What’s “violent” in this context?

Is this violent?
What about this?

Does it need to have blood to be violent? Is it a question of realism? If we had a clearer idea of what to avoid, it’d be easier to give suggestions.

What are some games you’ve enjoyed together in the past?

  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. Couldn’t tell.

Blood is a good indicator that the violence is over the top.

We liked racing against each other and other track and fieldish type games. I’ll never get her interested in football, basketball etc.

I picked the third one because it actually contains a ton of blood, but the art style is…unusual.

But great. I generally second the suggestion of a Switch. You seem like prime candidates for Mario Kart or maybe Smash.

51 here and got a Switch a few weeks ago and enjoying it a lot. I think it is the best choice for the OP. Lots of fun games you can play with another person. Add in its portability and you can’t lose.

I also have a PS4 Pro and it seems much more focused on the single player. That said it is a lot more powerful and the games on it look really good. There are games for two on it but I think the Switch is much better for that.