Please recommend a hotel in NOLA for a Sunday night in January

My friend and I are planning a trip that will involve driving into New Orleans on a Sunday afternoon in January, staying overnight, and driving out the next day after breakfast. We’d like to find a reasonably priced hotel and hopefully be somewhat near whatever fun places we can check out in a day.

I’m assuming we want to be somewhere near the French Quarter, but I have no idea how impossible that might be. Never been to NOLA. Can anyone help a couple of newbies out?

Thanks much!

The Monteleone in the FQ is nice… My favorite hotel in NO is just outside of the FQ… The Intercontinental. The Doubletree is quite nice as well (it is close to Harrah’s).

Almost all hotels downtown charge for parking, so be prepared to see an extra $25-35 on your bill.

Since you’re going out of season, and can plan early, any of these 3 hotels shouldn’t be too unreasonable.

For my nephew’s wedding in June I stayed at the County Inn & Suites on Magazine Street. A block away from the FQ, and not far from the riverside.
Not sure about parking (they do have a lot), but they do have free breakfast.
The building is a little weird (it is several buildings glommed together - results in some half floors), and the pool is VERY small, but I was satisfied, and got a good deal (less that $100)

(Parking is $28)


My favorite is the Maison Dupuy. It is about a block off Bourbon Street. Very old-world, you’ll feel like you were transported back in time. Not cheap, though.

You want to avoid the Sugar Bowl crowds. Probably won’t have much availability, and anything you did find would cost way more than it should.

The French Market Inn couldn’t be located any better, and the people there are really nice. That said, if you get a REALLY good deal there you’re probably in one of their older rooms, which are pretty crappy. They’ve apparently just renovated some other rooms, though, and if you plan to get too drunk to care what your room looks like anyway the cheap ones are a good deal.

The Monteleone is very nice if you want to spend a little coin. If you’re just staying for a Sunday night I bet you can find a good deal somewhere.