Please recommend a magazine for a bright 4-year-old

My mom, the Super-Grandma, wants to give my 4-year-old niece a magazine subscription (I presume to remind her of Grandma all winter while my folks are in Texas). Something like Highlights, only she thinks that might be too advanced. Kiddo loves to color and knows all her letters, numbers, etc. and is quite bright and very verbal. She’s on the brink of reading but doesn’t quite have the interest yet; although she loves books and stories, she doesn’t seem to want to learn the trick of reading herself.

Any suggestions?

I would recommend Ladybug Magazine, published by Cricket Magazine Group. I started my kids off with Ladybug for my then-four-year old and Spider for my then-7-y.o. They have since moved on to Spider and Cricket, respectively. I also subscribe to a couple of their science magazines for the kids. I think the whole family of magazines is great; I’ve been giving them as gifts for years. The subscriptions are a little high, because the magazines are advertising-free, which I consider a plus.

I don’t have kids, but I remember loving Ranger Rick from the Nationa Wildlife Federation, and I even looked through my little sister’s Big Backyard when it came in. My mother recently got my 4 year-old cousin a subscription to Big Backyard, so it is in the right age range.

Here’s the website:

Ladybug is seconded. I got Cricket for years and loved it.

My specific bright 4 year old adores ‘My Big Backyard’. Bright color pix of baby animals, stories she can help read along to (they substitute pix for words at certain points), games, recipes, craft projects.

All a winner and it comes out monthly.

*Highlights * should be just fine for a smart 4 yo. My 4 yo grandson loves it; he also gets Nick, Jr. * and US Kids * which he doesn’t like as well, and Turtle, A Magazine for PreSchool Kids, which he likes a lot.

I third, or whatever we’re up to, the nomination for Ladybug, and will also mention the National Geographic kid’s magazine, World. One thing I like about World is that it has material for a range of age groups, and a younger child will continue to enjoy it for several years.

Wow, thanks for all the ideas, guys! I had forgotten about Cricket – I only saw it in doctors’ offices and the like; I was a Highlights kid. :slight_smile:

I’ll see my mom on Sunday – I’ll print out this thread (with info from the Web sites – she has e-mail only, no Internet access) and give it to her then.

I loved Jack and Jill.

Oh sorry, you said “bright”. Never mind.

Chickadee magazine is my fave from childhood…

it appears it’s only Canadian though

But here is the link to Chirp which is apparently for ages 3-6. If she’s allowed online she can play there :slight_smile:

I should’ve looked closer. You can order it for the States and International as well.

I recall it being a science/nature/craft magazine geared towards kids. Obviously the different ones are for different ages.

National Geographic puts out a kid’s magazine. In fact now that I’ve looked it up I think I’m going to get one for my 4 year old.

My uncle bought me a subscription to the adult version when I was about 6. I remember being fascinated with this one particular issue that showed this picture of a baby mummy that was found in some really cold country. (I think the baby was from the ice age? Can’t remember.)